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Google for “Teabagging” – (G.W.)

Published January 31, 2014 by justicewg

old_teabagAnother re-post from the old blog, this comes from the selection process for the superintendent in 2006. One of the finalists for the position was announced in the newspapers, supposedly vetted by the board and ready to come in for the final interviews. With only a small amount of work I found out that the candidate had some pretty horrible issues that were missed. After a few emails to the board members the offer of the super position was withdrawn for the guy.

I still think I should have received some recognition from the board for the embarrassment and potential litigation I circumvented by doing my research. Never got a word of thanks.

I’ll be doing the same work in vetting the new candidates for the superintendent as they are announced in a few months. I hope this new batch of board members will have improved their skills in using the internet, but I’m generally shocked at how poor the skill set of the average board member has been shown to be in the past.

It’s an open question how the election of Jesse Truett will effect the board’s level of comfort with scandal in the history of a super candidate. After all, if it is acceptable for a board member to have a history of resigning from their job at the school and turning in their teacher’s license because of an affair with a student, what level of bad actions in the past will disqualify a potential superintendent?

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