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Watching Grandview Heights in 2019

Published January 5, 2020 by justicewg

The top stories in Grandview Heights in the year 2019 were mostly about the school board. You might expect that, given all the action taken since the approval of the levy for a new middle school, passed in Nov. 2018. Unfortunately the school board managed to make news with some shameful votes on other issues.

The city council news in 2019 was dominated by an election, as DeGraw stepped away from a 16 year career as mayor, and two council members fought for the position.

The Grandview board brings on the shame

This story is really a two part issue, starting with the failure of the board to support a Pride month resolution (in front of some devastated kids), then in part two the board attempts to rescue some honor, and falls flat on its face.

Board resolution to support pride month fails with no second


The audio from the board meeting in May 2019 showed us a new low point for the board. Ms Wassmuth brought a resolution before the board at the May meeting, which would have expressed support for Pride Month. This was not a policy change – the board already has policies in place that would protect students and staff with minority orientations.

Mealy-mouthed, timid support was expressed by two board members, but when a second to the motion was asked, there was an excruciating silence. Imagine if you were one of the students who attended and spoke before the board, and then listened as the board sat in silence for a standard resolution of support. Those student got nothing, no even a simple raised hand.

It was a truly pathetic performance, one that will be carried as a black mark on these board members for the rest of their lives.

Board votes new Anti-Discrimination policy – doing the right thing the wrong way


The board members who failed to vote on the Pride resolution (every one except Wassmuth) must have been hearing some leaks through the wall the board wraps around themselves, and decided they would amend the anti-discrimination policy at the school. Even when they try to do the right thing, the board manages to do it the wrong way.

There was no public notice that the board would change the policy, even thought they knew from the kerfuffle over gender neutral bathrooms at the new high school that it was controversial. This was a subject that would have sparked debate in the community, and no matter which side of the gender expression controversy you stand on, the correct way to change board policy is to allow the debate to happen.

Not only were no public meetings held, it was obvious from the first reading of the resolution at the previous meeting that there was private debate going on between board members outside the meetings, which is against Ohio open meeting laws.

But debate isn’t wanted by Grandview’s school board. They just want you to be good constituents, and keep your mouths closed, because they already know what is good for the community.

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Anonymous confused pamphleteer against Mayor – (G.W.)

Published March 20, 2013 by justicewg

phamplet_scanThis repost from 2008 reported on one of the most bizarre political acts ever in Grandview.

Some unknown person (or more likely a group, from the number distributed) went around in the middle of the night and stuck a very odd sheet of paper under the windshield wipers of cars. It was a political screed criticizing Mayor Ray DeGraw, done in a style that  made you visualize a tea-bagger type, convinced that there is a grand conspiracy to hide the truth about the president – and the mayor, for some reason. It started with complaints about the plowing of snow and the closing of the Grandview Theater. What was he supposed to do about that, offer them money? Which would have inspired even more hate from this group. The warning about NRI has some basis in reality, but explaining something as complex as TIFs is not going to fit on a single sheet of paper.

Nobody ever came forward to claim responsibility for papering the city. Unless you count the time the Mayor was asked who he thought printed and distributed the sheet, he replied “I think my wife might have done it” 🙂 Ray was elected to the office of Mayor for the third time in 2011 with no mention of this pamphlet.

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