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Top Watching Grandview stories of 2015

Published December 30, 2015 by justicewg

It’s that time of year. Turn on the Wayback machine, click those mice, time to re-cap the best stories posted on the blog.

Policy Governance in Grandview Schools


Although I have long written about the way the Grandview Heights school board pushes parents out of policy decisions and gives the Superintendent a free hand in running the school, I didn’t have enough experience in education to know the official name to that style of running a school. It’s called Policy Governance, and it was the root cause of the disaster in the Columbus city schools, which hit the headlines in the Dispatch this year. My post on this issue was one of the top read stories in 2015.

After the Data Rigging scandal was fully exposed in the Columbus school, there were inquests to find out how things could have gone so wrong. Policy Governance was at the top of the list. The Columbus school board had official policy statements which proudly defined how Policy Governance would work in that school system. From the policy manual:

“ … focus on strategic leadership rather than administrative detail; observe clear distinction between Board and CEO roles; make collective rather than individual decisions; …”

This is exactly how the Grandview Heights board acts. Good luck trying to go before the school board with any request for change – they don’t want to listen, they don’t want to answer your emails, and if they do it will be a condescending explanation of why they can’t help you.

In any other school which watched the slow motion destruction of a major school system a few miles away from them, you might expect some some self-examination and thoughts about “could this happen here?”. There were no worries expressed by Grandview Heights board members.

Although there has been one new board member (Palmisciano) elected this fall who will take her seat in January, I don’t expect any change from the board. President Brannan was re-elected, and she will take her votes as a mandate to continue Policy Governance at the school.

City Council bans young adult smoking

ashtrayThe city council passed a new ordinance this year that not only banned selling tobacco to young adults 18 to 21, the law as passed banned possession and smoking of cigarettes by this age group.

Mayor DeGraw sent the law back to the council with a veto, he said that after consultation with the police chief he couldn’t support the rule. The law would require police on the street to know the difference between resident and non-resident, 21 year old and 22. It set the police up for charges of discrimination. The practicality issues with the law would mean it would rarely be enforced.

The law inspired an editorial in the Dispatch, in which they said “It would be better public policy not to pass laws government doesn’t mean to enforce.”

The council later amended the law to keep the ban on selling, but doesn’t criminalize use by 18 year olds.

Jennifer Cook murder still unsolved

Jennifer CookeThe 2013 murder of Jennifer Cook is still unsolved, and it still a raw issue for a lot of Grandview residents. I re-caped the story in 2015, and tried to find any evidence there is progress in the case. Nothing new has been brought forward by the police.

If this were a detective novel, somebody would notice a small bit of evidence that had been overlooked. By using determination and a quirky sense of intuition the detective would sniff out the killer, who would admit his (or her) guilt in public and curse as they were being handcuffed.

Unfortunately we are not living in a detective novel.

Superintendent O’Reilly lawsuit is dismissed

oreilly_smallOne of the top stories that was read in 2015 was first posted in 2013 and occurred back in 2012, with the filing of a lawsuit by a parent who alleged First Amendment retaliation against them by O’Reilly and Director of Pupil Services Schott.

Keeping track of what was occurring during this lengthy lawsuit was always difficult because the official records are kept inside a database called Pacer, and I believe you are required to be a lawyer to access the records. However there are other web based companies who put legal filings up on the net where they can be found with a little Google-fu. These records are not complete postings of the case files, and the information is often posted long after the case has been acted on by the judge.

My record of website hits on the O’Reilly post showed a steady increase in 2014 and a spike in 2015. This is what I found in a filing that was written in 2015:

On June 9, 2014, this Court dismissed O’Reilly with prejudice as a defendant after the parties advised the Court that “the claims against him have been resolved.” (Order Dismissing Def., Doc. 142).

Why was O’Reilly allowed to leave the lawsuit? It is possible the plaintiff had no further legal reason to continue, but quite often there is a financial settlement made by the defendant. I can’t find anything online that mentioned how the case against O’Reilly was resolved. If the school paid money to end the lawsuit it should be recorded somewhere. I can’t work up the interest to care how this ended, O’Reilly has been gone from the school since 2014. According to his Linkin Profile, O’Reilly got a job as the Executive Director of High Schools, for the Columbus City schools, back in August 2015.

(Later) There are now more stories about the lawsuit on the web. Still not sure how it all ended, but the school is not looking good when is is mentioned in a story titled A petty tyrant and a parent’s nightmare.

Virtual golf came to virtual Grandview

Virtual Golf

Virtual Golf

The largest number of hits this year were on a story that wasn’t even about a Grandview business, it was about the Virtual golf place on Third, which is in 5XNW. I’m guessing there was some sort of glitch in the Google rank that caused anyone searching for the name of the place to find my blog.

Maybe I’ll take some virtual money over to the place and play some virtual golf in 2016. Probably not.

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