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AEP Service Center construction reveals dirt mountain

Published January 16, 2014 by justicewg

New AEP bldg
AEP Ohio made an announcement back in September last year that they were building a new Grandview Service Center. The old building on Goodale has been torn down and it looks like they are now preparing the foundations for the new building.

The project is supposed to cost $4.8 million and will hold 58 employees, mostly shifted from other places to the new shop. I don’t think any awards are in the cards for the utilitarian building that will be finished sometime late in 2014, but anything is an improvement to the 1940’s shacks that it replaces.

The interesting bit in this photo is the mountain of dirt that has been revealed in the background since the removal of the old shop.

Dirt mountain

Dirt mountain

That mound of dirt is hundreds of yards behind the AEP property, on the other side of the railroad tracks. The distance makes estimates hard, but I’m guessing that is a 50 foot tall pile. What is the deal with this new mountain?

The location of the mountain is the Kaplin site, where a developer tried and failed to build a project to be called “Grandview Station” (now called “Grandview Crossing”). It is now being remediated with a Clean Ohio grant by Wagenbrenner Development. The completion of that cleanup is supposed to take years, and further development not expected before 2021.

Toepfner mound 2

Toepfner mound 2

So my lazyweb question – why did they create the huge dirt pile? It’s much taller than any further construction might use on the property – unless a ski hill is part of the new development.

(update) There is now an issue with the cleanup on the Kaplin property, getting a special permit from the EPA will cause all water wells within a half-mile to be prohibited from use. The Grandview pool is a short distance away, the well that is used to fill the pool saves the city big money, at least $12K a year. Adding new pipes to connect to the Columbus water system could cost $80K. The council is not happy.

Cosmic irony Grandview style

The dirt pile is on the opposite side of 33 from the location of the old Toepfner mound. I wrote about this historical Adena monument, and how it was torn down to make commercial buildings.

What would the Adena tribe think if they could see a new mound going up across the street, ten times the size of the old mound?

Whatever happened to Grandview Station? – (G.W.)

Published February 4, 2013 by justicewg

Another repost from the old blog. The Kaplin tract was on the minds of the city council during the recent retreat , is it possible the property will be developed faster than the 2021 date that was projected?

(From Febuary 2008)

Back in early 2006 the big buzz was the proposal by the Bear Creek Capital developers to build a large shopping center at the corner of 33 and Grandview Ave. The project, called “Grandview Station”, was at first proposed to contain two “big box” retailers, with Home Depot and Wal-Mart mentioned as possible tenants. From the initial application:

The conditional uses proposed by the applicant are incorporated into a development plan for a large shopping center. The development plan includes two large retailing operations of approximately 200,000 +sq. ft. and 102,000 sq. ft., five (5) restaurant out parcels containing a combined building size of nearly 23,000 sq. ft. and a mixed use office/retail building of 49,000 sq. ft.

Opposition by Grandview residents was swift. Speakers at city council meetings said they didn’t think the massive stores fit into the Grandview tradition, would be good employers, or would be a good long term use of the land.

In March of 2006, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission’s dual-jurisdictional vision for a revitalized Grandview Avenue-Dublin Road was presented. Residents received copies of the study during the first meeting of the Dublin Pike Planning Area, an ad hoc committee of the city council. This plan called for a higher intensity, urban mixed use of the area, including office, retail, and residential. While the plan was viewed as a better use of the land, it was only a suggestion. Later the more formal Dublin Pike Resolution clarified the zoning intent for the area (which is for smaller development, not big box stores). This required the Bear Creek people to make substantial revisions.

A March 2006 recommendation by the city to the planning commission killed the first plan with the big box stores.

After the rejection of the first plan by the Grandview planning commission (the application was rejected because it was incomplete, but the above recomentation would have killed it anyway), Bear Creek was supposed to come back with a new plan. Here is a post I make in April of 2006, listing the players and current events.

As of this date (Feb 2008), although the website remains, (well, it did back when this post was put up, it is a 404 now) Bear Creek has not renewed its option on the land. The last mention of the project in the council meeting notes is in Nov. 2006, when some planning meetings were still under way. I asked Director of Administration Patrik Bowman if there had been any more word on the project:

The project is currently dead. Bear Creek has not renewed its option. The restaurant did change hands but I have not talked with the new owner. I’m afraid that given the cost of the restaurant and motel there may be pressure for surface user–gas stations/drive-thrus.

So which do you prefer, Grandview – watching a boarded up motel slowly rot away, or shall we allow a developer to build a gas station or drive-thru? My suggestion would be to tear it all down and build a park – with all that non-existent money that the city will never have.

Despite the loss of new development in Grandview, the council did a good job holding off a deep pockets proposal that simply was wrong for the city. Maybe NRI should be studying the history of this proposed development before they try to lean on the city council.

(Feb. 2008)

Is the Kaplin landfill along Dublin Road back in play?

Published May 21, 2012 by justicewg

To understand the history of this property, read a post from the old blog, Whatever happened to Grandview Station?

The short version – back in 2006 Bear Creek developers were going to build big box stores on the property, giving the project the name “Grandview Station”. The city of Grandview (which only owns part of the land) required higher intensity, urban mixed use of the area and blocked the developer’s plan. The plan got dropped by 2008, maybe because they didn’t like the planning Grandview was pushing, maybe they found that it is a toxic waste dump that would be too expensive to clean up. It was never quite clear why it died.

There was some indication from Wagenbrenner a few months ago that they were trying to revive development with the new name “Grandview Crossing”.

News from the B.F. is that Wagenbrenner Development has landed a $3M Clean Ohio grant for Grandview Crossing project. The  Ohio Controlling Board must still approve the grants.

I’m not looking for anything to come out of this for quite a few years. Lots of things can go wrong with grants, the cleanup could be a long process. Interestingly, there was nothing said about this project by the Mayor during his meeting, when he was  projecting 5 years in the future of the city.

(Later) Wagenbrenner says the project is not expected to be completed until 2021.