About Watching Grandview

This is a website for reporting and commenting on the city and schools of Grandview Hts., Ohio. My name is John Wagner, I am a homeowner, and more than 20 year resident. I have two kids, both educated in the Grandview Hts school system.

Between 2003 and 2009 I blogged on another website called Grandview Watch. The CMS I used is no longer compatible with the PHP version on my server, and that site will be gone soon.

I believe in holding public officials accountable for their actions and statements, and their duties to safeguard the taxpayer’s money. I am aware that to a certain segment (particularly some of the public officials) this attitude is considered “not constructive” and “negative”. I consider this website to be part of my public duty as a good citizen.

Use the feedback form below to contact me and leave a message. You should be able to do it anonymously without signing up for anything (leave a fake name and email).

Read new posts by following me on Twitter.

Whistleblowers and commenting on posts

If you know about illegal actions taken by public officials, your first call should be to a lawyer to protect yourself. Read my post “Start Snitchin” for my policy on whistleblower tips sent to this blog.

Everyone who wants to comment on a post should begin by reading my post, “What makes a good blog comment?

I have little tolerance for trolls. Get your own blog. Then I can link to your blog.

Stay on topic. Questions about my policy go in the feedback form, not in a post comment.

My real name is at the top of this page. I will take your comments more seriously if you give me your real name. You can remain pseudonymous by using a handle, but if you use the feedback form to tell me your real name I will be more likely to allow your commenting on the blog.

Fake Emails

A common problem on the internet is misquoting and fake emails. Please read this post to answer any questions you have about emails that appear to be from me.

On the Grandview School Board

I wrote a long article on the unusual school board here in Grandview, as a starting point to understanding how things work in this city, it is required reading.

The Strong superintendent school board


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