Rebekah Hatzifotinos joins city council

Published September 25, 2019 by justicewg

HatzThe Grandview city council swore in Rebekah Hatzifotinos September 16, to finish the term of Steve Gladman, who resigned.

Hatzifotinos and Ryan Edwards will be on the ballot this Nov. with incumbent Emily Keeler. Although there was another candidate for the seat Gladman vacated, Hatzifotinos was the logical replacement, since she will step into the seat after an uncontested race this November.

There is a disconcerting habit for political races in Grandview Heights to become uncontested coronations. Most of the current council members took office without facing a challenger, the same for the school board. The two school board candidates who will run for the open seats this Nov. will also have no competition. I’m working on an article on why this happens so often in our city. Democracy is supposed to feature an election that pits candidates who are required to meet with the citizens and state their ideas for the future of the office. The qualifications of the candidates are supposed to be scrutinized (although on a national level that often only means a check for membership in the D or R group). If “it doesn’t matter who you vote for” is the result of the political process in Grandview, something is wrong.

Hatzifotinos is a lawyer/baker

Ms Hatzifotinos is listed on the city blog as “earned a juris doctorate from Capital University in May 2004 and has practiced law for more than 12 years. Her community involvement includes serving as chair of the 2017-2018 Grandview Heights Charter Review Commission; pro bono work for the Children’s Hunger Alliance; and her current service as president of the Edison Intermediate & Larson Middle School PTO.”

Basic biscuitsMs Hatzifotinos is also the owner and chief baker for “Basic Biscuits, Kindness & Coffee”. She is planning to open a retail store on Goodale sometime next year. If you are wondering how a bakery that only sells biscuits and coffee can make any money, maybe this photo of her prices that she currently charges will tell you what she thinks will be sustainable.

How to pronounce her name

I asked her what her agenda on the council would be, and how to pronounce her surname.

“I do not have any particular agenda as of this moment, although I am very interested in seeing through to completion the new Municipal/Fire/Police building as I participated in the Spaces & Places committee. Generally speaking, I am interested in Grandview’s growth, but balancing that with maintaining its established neighborhood character.

My last name actually IS phonetic, that’s the wonder of the Greek language- but I can break it down a little further for you. Hahtzee-foeteen-ohs.”

I’m still unsure of the pronunciation. Is it “Hat-zee-foeteen-ohs”, or “Hadzee-foeteen-ohs”, with flap T?

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