Use the Franklin Co. Auditor tool to find your tax increase

Published September 19, 2018 by justicewg

FC Aud calcThe school board has thrown some figures out for the increases in your taxes if the school levy in November passes. Now, you can get the exact figure, direct from the Franklin Co. Auditor website.

“The Tax Levy Estimator is an easy-to-use tool that allows Franklin County residents the ability to estimate the annual cost associated with proposed tax levies. In addition, property owners can see how their property taxes are distributed to the various political subdivisions within Franklin County.”

Tips for use – enter only your house number in the “Address No.” field.

Enter only your street name in the “Street Name “ field, no “ave” or “Blvd”.

After you hit search, scroll down to look for the results. There is no indicator inside the search box to tell you if it worked.

Scroll down to the “Grandview Heights CSD” box for the results of the Nov. levy. The total line at the bottom of the box shows the results for both the bond and the operating levies.

Don’t forget to go back up and check out the Franklin Co. box, it has tax increases from the MRDD (which passed in last fall’s election and didn’t increase taxes, it was just a renewal) and Metro parks levies that will be on the November ballot.

Good for Grandview meeting was a packed house

The Good for Grandview group had an informational meeting tonight. Word is (didn’t attend, but got reports) that levy campaign Co-Chair Katie Matney was there and acknowledged that they believe the NRI renegotiation could reduce the Levy need by 50%. And they still want you to vote for the full $55 million tax! I wonder if  Matney said “Having those feelings (of distrust in the levy) are normal and natural”.

(UPDATE) The tax levy is sure to fail now (but be sure to vote!), so maybe this isn’t so important any more, but G4G reminds us, the bond gives the school board the irrevocable authority to tax for 38 years after passage. Even if this board cut taxes as a result of the NRI deal, any future board could restore the full tax, for any reason.

Tax expiration on the Bond for the middle school gym and Glenn room.

Within a short time, the bond that was used to build the gym and mufti-purpose room will expire, and 1.66-mills will no longer be collected. This is a factor that should be considered in the decisions over the levy, but the full questions about the middle school gym should be answered by the board.

Why is the board tearing down the newest, best construction in the whole school system? It was built in 1996, and has many years of life possible in any configuration on a remodeled school or new build – why trash the newest part of that school?

The best I can understand from listening to the video of the Finance committee is that it was just “in the way”. The school has never addressed this choice, why couldn’t the builders work around that part of the building? If the gym is to be torn down at the start of construction, where will the middle school student have gym class?

Why was the option of tearing down (or keeping) the Gym never presented to the larger community in the many larger facility meetings? Why was this choice made by a finance committee, who were not selected for their knowledge of construction?

And the biggest questions remains unanswered by the board – why was the finance committee created as a closed to the parents, hand selected  group, that met with no meeting notes or video of the meetings, in violation of the open meeting laws of Ohio?



2 comments on “Use the Franklin Co. Auditor tool to find your tax increase

  • Residents wishing to calculate what next year’s tax bill would be if the levy passes need only add the Grandview Heights CSD total line to their current tax bill. Metro Parks won’t hit tax bills until the following year.

  • Didn’t the superintendent promise that every household would know the exact impact of any levy? Why is this a self-serve thing coming from the auditor?

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