The high school turns Brown

Published April 26, 2018 by justicewg

Robert Brown TwitThe principal of the high school can be seen as the number three position in the school administration (after the super and the treasurer). The school has just announced a replacement for the departing Ken Chaffin. Robert Brown, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, McCord Middle School in Worthington, OH, will be heading the high school soon. He will be starting Aug 1, at $110,000 salary.

A search of the social media shows not much beside a twitter account – @rbrown035 .He is not very active in tweeting his own material, most are re-tweets of others at the school. I do see some anti-bullying material in his tweets, good to see that he takes that seriously enough to repeat. A lot of his posts are about sports teams, which can be expected for an asst. principal who is also an athletic director.

While looking around in Brown’s tweets, I again found links to the blog used by Trent Bowers, the Superintendent at Worthington. Read the post he made about cell phone policy at the school.

The post is a very interesting look at the positive and negative effects of cell phone use, including an experience in his own family that showed the ways it can distract students from learning just to keep up with frivolous chatter. Most importantly, the post ends in a question, asking if there should be changes in policy at the school, and then allows a conversation to develop among the people who are reading his blog.

Could you see that happening with the superintendent at Grandview Heights? Why is that something that will never happen at our school (at least until there is a major change in the school board).

Although he never had much public conversation on his blog, Ken Chafin did have a wordpress blog during his time at Grandview. It is possible for an administrator to have a blog – but feedback from parents just isn’t encouraged here.


One comment on “The high school turns Brown

  • I had the opportunity to know Mr. Brown being a Worthington Shools employee. He helped me solve many issues involving students. I must say that Mr Brown always struck me as an extraordinary person in the way he handles all situations with calmness and a level head. I believe he will be a great asset to Grandview Heights.

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