Tour of the Haunted High School fails to scare

Published October 26, 2016 by justicewg

Terrifying pipes

The school administration made an appropriate choice to run their tours of the facilities in the Halloween season of haunting and creepy buildings. Too bad the scare tactics were so ineffective.

A group of about 25 community members were taken on the tour October 25th, and were shown various shortcomings of the high school. This was part of the Facilities evaluation process, which until last week was being run by Harrison Planning Group.

They showed off a room on the second floor that had suffered a large water damage issue, and was under repair. These roof issues were presented as a big problem, and I don’t know why they seemed to be so challenging. Roof repair is an established business, for the last few hundred years or so. You would think the school could contract with a company that would fix them, then guarantee the results. But the administration seemed to find the whole roof issues to be unsolvable.


Why is this room so nice? New furniture, fresh walls and floor?

Most of the complaints were about issues with the rooms being too cold or too hot. They mentioned a zone system for fixing this issue, but it didn’t seem to be high on the planning lists of the administration.

A lot of the facilities issues seemed to be inconveniences, which the school had worked around for years. Maybe the school has been putting off repairs in the hope of major reconstruction or new buildings being built, it doesn’t make sense to pour money into rooms which may be gone in the future.


A coffee nook in a classroom?

Maybe the school board didn’t want to fix things which will be replaced – but what if the lack of upkeep on the school was intentionally done to help add to the scare factor of the tour? That would seem like a deceptive trick to me. How can we evaluate the difference?

Much ado was made about the elevator, which broke and needed a new part fabricated. The school was without second floor wheelchair access for weeks.


Oops, wandered into the wrong room.

Certainly not a good situation, but new elevators are installed inside the shafts of old elevators all the time. I understand the school board wants us to think the school building is like an elevator that gets old and needs replaced, but the analogy just doesn’t hold for buildings. Roofs repairs are not special parts that need custom built by workers who will be gone and take the skills with them when they retire.

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