First plans for Grandview Crossing shown to commission

Published June 3, 2016 by justicewg

The Grandview Heights Planning Commission will review the first plans for the Development at the corner of Grandview and SR 33 at the June 2016 meeting (the meeting in which the plan will be reviewed is June 15).

Grv crossing 6-16 plan

First impression – there is a lot of green space to the left of this plan, that area is where the Grandview property line is located. I’m not sure where the line is, but it looks like very little of the new construction will be inside Grandview.

The larger building to the right will be the size that might hold a “Jr. Big Box” store, which is just what we were told last year. A Dick’s Sporting Goods was used as an example of that size business, but there has been no mention of who will be in any of these spaces yet.

Good news for traffic issues – I see the main entrance will be well down Dublin Road, a couple hundred yards from the intersection. This will ease any issues with traffic going downtown on 33 who need to turn left.

Bad news – there is an entrance off Grandview Ave, by the tracks. This area is already packed with cars most of the day, a left turn lane off Grandview into the shopping area could turn the street into a parking lot. Not sure how this will be planned out, but I can’t think of a good way to have an entrance at that spot that will not make Grandview Ave traffic worse. Imagine if there is a line to turn left, and then a train comes through, and drops the gates onto sitting traffic!

Read this older interview with former Pres Panzera, he has the same worries about that entrance into the development on Grandview Ave near the auto store, and said he would oppose plans that would create more traffic problems on the street.


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