5 comments on “The new school Logo reviews

  • My neighbor’s son is a senior graduating this year from GHHS. She ordered graduation announcements through the school last fall, but they haven’t been delivered yet. And they won’t be delivered for at least 2 more weeks. (Time has already run out.)

    Why the delay?

    The announcements require a redesign in order to be compliant with the new logo requirements.

    GO GRANDVIEW!!!!!!!!

    • Um, no not really – it is a different color, a different font and a different form factor (shape) which are the only three components of the design, but other than that, which is um, everything, it is exactly like CA’s logo! LOL…

      Hundreds of schools use a monogram so in that sense, yes I suppose it is “similar” to CA’s in that it uses our school’s letters, but then again, and by that measure it is “similar” to hundreds of school’s including UA’s logo too – which would be not at all. And given that CA’s logo is great, I suppose that’s a compliment. But it looks completely different!

      So here’s the truth – the logo above cost $3,500, which is $10,000 less than Whitehall paid for one logo when they redesigned last year. The $25,000 total fee was for an 1.) academic logo, 2.) an athletic logo (bobcat head), 3.) a spirit logo (paw print), 4.) a portfolio of photographs with parental approvals and releases, 5.) brand guidelines manual that is like 100 pages (look it up – it is on the school website) 6.) electronic, camera ready art for digital and 7.) print applications and a 8.) brand book explaining the new logos and brand that was handed out to students and parents last year. That either deliverables at an average cost of $3,125 each. That is not expensive at all, but instead is actually quite inexpensive and reasonable. Not my opinion but an educated fact based on typical fee ranges for professional graphic designers who specialize in this type of design.

      • You seem to have a lot of insider info on the Whitehall Logo – how do you know the school mascot re-vision in the new logo wasn’t provided to the sports teams as new graphics? Guessing? The brand Guidelines manual value depends on how much it is perceived to have value, you don’t get $25K worth just because 100 pages were produced.

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