Signs of the times

Published March 11, 2016 by justicewg

No Urlin sleddingThis “No Sled Riding” sign in front of the Summit Chase condos has been successful in keeping the snow away from the hill this winter. Seems to have worked too well, it kept all the snow away from the city all winter. I can’t recall another when it was not possible to sled.

work at home scam

A work from home scam sign on Goodale Ave. near Urlin. I can’t believe there are people who still fall for this. Also can’t believe that this location is where people who want a work at home job are living, if you can afford to live in this neighborhood, you will not be getting a job from signs on the side of the road.

Orange Barrel NWbvOrange barrels have turned the section of NW Boulevard from First to Goodale into a eye-blasting orange overdose. Sorry about loosing all those parking spots, and the trees that need to be removed for the street construction are on the way to the toothpick factory. Progress! Get out of the way, or you will find an orange barrel placed over your head.

levy sign city hall

I noted in a previous story that there were no yard signs for the Issue 3 renewal on Grandview Ave. near the city hall. I found one, and (record needle scratch) what the heck is that behind it?


central committee

Not going to get a free mention of your name from me, Ms. Duvghjvd

Grandview has been infected by a case of gigantic sign syndrome! Symptoms are an inflated sense of self importance, and signs in your front lawn that exceed the rules for size set by city ordinance. Expect a 15 foot tall police officer to be arriving soon with a door sized ticket to present to this Gulliver.

(Later) Ms. Duvghjvd did not get elected, maybe she should have used a 100 foot tall sign?


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