Council presidency moves from Panzera to Kearns

Published January 6, 2016 by justicewg

Greta KearnsCouncil member Greta Kearns has moved up to the presidency position at the first 2016 meeting. Chris Smith, who was also elected on an uncontested ballot in 2013, will be the new council vice-president.

Kearns is a local attorney in private practice. A quick search of the local news reporting of the council shows that she was not associated with any newsworthy policy changes at the council . She was quoted in one Dispatch story about the possible cancellation of the COTA #19 bus, she expressed opposition to the ending of the route. She served as the Planning and administration chair on the council committee assignment. Sometimes council members with more neutral positions are the ones who can earn the most votes from their fellow council members.

Anthony Panzera was first elected to serve as council vice president during a mid-2000’s term on the council. He was elected to the top spot in 2013, and will continue as a regular council member.


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