Teenagers living on the smartphone

Published December 5, 2015 by justicewg

Photo by miniyo73 on Flickr CC

The constant use of smartphones by young people has a lot of us oldsters concerned. They seem to be spending most of their time with their noses down into the phones, oblivious to others, Tweeting and Instagraming and all of the other apps that those of us who grew up before computers have trouble understanding.


There is a significant difference in the way kids use computers, 10 years ago there was only large computing devices that couldn’t be comfortably carried. The kids in high school have spent all their lives with a device that allows them to be constantly connected to all of the intertweetergram social media.

This article by an author who spent some time with teenagers learning how they cope with the constant stream of digital life seems hopeful that the kids will be all right. Worth reading.

The Generation That Doesn’t Remember Life Before Smartphones – What it means to be a teenager in 2015


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