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Mayor DeGraw on the Grandview flooding

Published June 25, 2015 by justicewg
Flooded Basement

Flooded Basement

DeGraw posted another Letter to the Community on the city website, in which he talked about the flooding that overwhelmed the system and flooded basements last Saturday.

He said that only 20 residents called the city to report flooding. I’m guessing that that is way smaller than the number of houses that flooded, it isn’t on my list of things to do while my basement is slowly filling with water. I wish he would have asked residents to call a number or visit a website to report the flooding, so the city would have a better list of properties where flooding is occurring.

The Mayor said the city ranked the event as a “once in twenty years” downpour. There is a limit to the volume a sanitary system can handle, and sizing it to cope with freak events would be a waste of money. Still, there seems to be choke points in the flow of water that can cause one home to have 6 inches of water come up the drain, while another house a block away has none. I don’t know the complexities of hydraulic design for this system, but it seems like a little over building at key points might save homeowners a lot of time cleaning flood damage.

The city will be doing bulk pickup of large items for free during the next two trash days.


Grandview Crossing development news

Published June 19, 2015 by justicewg

The Grandview Crossing development at the corner of Grandview Ave. and Dublin Rd. has been an unanswered question for years. The previous attempt to build on that site was by a group who wanted big box stores to anchor it, smaller retail, and some residential. The rumors for the present developer, Eric Wagenbrenner, have been similar, such as a Cosco store.

A story in the Dispatch today gives us the first hint at the construction plans.

No residential buildings are planed. The area is not really in a good location for private dwellings, the majority of the land is located in Columbus.The location is on an isolated finger of Grandview, there is no connection with present Grandview houses. Although residential building on the Grandview side of the property would give them access to our schools, the complications of utilities and the unknown waste factor in the now covered dump make that into a poor choice for residential. This is an ideal situation for Grandview schools, more retail without the addition of kids is pure gain in tax money.

Wagenbrenner is quoted as saying “junior big-box” stores are in the plans, similar to the Lennox. He gave Dicks Sporting Goods as an example, while explaining that no company has signed off on construction.

While the area along Dublin Rd. presently has some small retail and restaurants, it has been a difficult area for businesses to establish themselves. Most of the area has offices that become empty after dark. The road is a major artery into downtown, commuters tend to rush past the retail stores in the area on the way home. Configuring the best mix of retail stores for Grandview Crossing will be a challenge, it has to be both unique to the area, and attractive enough to cause commuters to spend time on the way home.

What will be the anchor?

The mentioning of Lennox by Wagenbrenner is interesting, the reason that shopping center is a success is based on the Target department store. What will be the main draw for Grandview Crossing? Even though E.W. said “junior” sized stores, the most logical anchor would be Walmart. We already went through the fight to keep that store out back when Grandview Station was in the planning stages, will it have to be re-fought? Remember, the largest part of the development is outside Grandview, leaving us with limited leverage in that part of the development.

Traffic concerns from the north

Although I don’t recall any interviews where Wagenbrenner discussed the expected area the new shopping center would draw customers from, the assumption is that it will latch onto the Dublin road traffic. Dublin road is a major downtown feeder, allowing commuters to slide around the outside of Grandview. Traffic from the far north will use SR33 or SR315 to enter the area if they are taking trips specifically to shop at this new center.

There is a choke point for residents who live in the Grandview, 5XNW, and south Upper Arlington area, they will all want to use Grandview Avenue. There is no other road that gives access to the new shopping center. Grandview Avenue is already packed with cars during rush hours, how will the addition of traffic on the way to G.C. affect the area?

(Later) Council President Panzera answered questions about the Grandview Crossing Development.