Attempted abduction on Grandview street

Published May 27, 2015 by justicewg

A 7 year old Grandview child said that a man attempted to reach out from a passing vehicle and grab her. This happened about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday on the 1100 block of Mulford Road. The car was reported to be a silver sedan, unknown make and model. The child ran into the house and the car left the area. The man was described as a heavyset white male in his 40s. No further sightings of the couple in the car have been reported.

This is a unusual but not unique event in Grandview, I remember an incident where a child reported an attempted abduction down by Pierce Field a number of years ago.

More info on the Grandview City blog.

There was an abduction and murder of a Marble Cliff child in 1971. Michael Dean Klitch, 12, was taken from the tennis courts below the Summit Chase apartments on Goodale Boulevard. His body was found two weeks later in a shack near Alum Creek in Delaware County. No suspects were ever arrested in that case.


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