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City Blog is still worth bookmarking

Published April 8, 2015 by justicewg
Jewell Odell, accused of stealing jewelry on First Ave.

Jewel Odell, accused of stealing jewelry on First Ave.

I first wrote about the City Blog last year, in August it had been in operation for a month. Although the focus of the blog was intended to be city council and administration information, and it has continued with the excellent monthly Community Letter from Mayor Ray DeGraw, the blog has wider focus now.

Very often the city police department has the most frequent posts, informing us about crimes that have occurred, suspects being sought, and nearly live information about street closures at crime scenes.

In December there was a barricade situation near W. Third Ave. and Cambridge Blvd. The city police posted info about the standoff within a couple of hours.

There was a theft suspect arrested Monday who had been accused of taking jewelry from a First Ave. home. In a odd coincidence, the name of the woman was Jewel Odell. You have to wonder, what sort of forces lead a woman named Jewel into becoming an (accused) jewel thief. Did her name lead to a lifelong unhealthy fascination with jewels?

If we searched police records, would we find that people with names similar to things that are stolen have a propensity to steal those items? There are thousands of people with the first name “Cash”, do they become money obsessed? Do people named “Ford” tend to become car thieves who specialize in that brand?

Wifi in the parks

I didn’t give this post from last year the attention it deserves. The Grandview Heights Public Library is offering free WiFi at Grandview parks, according to a post in the city blog. All of the city parks and the city pool (with Buck park soon) are covered with a free wifi signal. Now parents who are watching their kids play baseball at the parks can spend more time looking down at their iphones and watching funny videos of kids making bloopers on the baseball diamonds on YouTube.

Late April community letter from Mayor

I just finished telling everyone how good the community letter from Mayor DeGraw is to read on the city website, and he has to show up with a April letter posted on May 19th. Maybe he needs to call it “Words from the Past” (the date on the post has been changed and it now says it is the May letter, not sure what is going on but I assume it was mislabeled before).

The new soldier memorial will be dedicated at the Memorial Service at Memorial Park on Northwest Boulevard on Thursday May 21st at 7:30 p.m. The Memorial Day Parade steps off at 10:00 a.m. May 23, 2015 and moves down First Ave. to Pierce Field .