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Virtual golf comes to virtual Grandview

Published March 13, 2015 by justicewg
Virtual Golf

Virtual Golf

The businesses on Third Avenue like to say they are in the “Grandview area” (like Byrnes and the Woodland Tavern). It’s a pet peeve for me, they have a neighborhood name, Fifth by Northwest . That’s a perfectly fine and descriptive name that anyone who is located north of Third can use. No need to hijack the Grandview name. Third Ave. is virtually Grandview, but not really.

I was walking down Third and found a new businesses being built up inside the brick building at the corner of Virginia Ave. They are not open, but the manager allowed me to look inside.

Caddy’s Delight Virtual Golf Lounge

The front of the building has three 20 feet wide golf bays, backed with mammoth video screens (maybe 15 feet square). I have seen virtual driving ranges in the past, this is supposed to be a large step up the technology ladder, allowing full plays from Tee to hole, using your own clubs and balls. The sensor system detects your ball speed and direction with enough accuracy to give a feel for the real courses that are projected (a selection of golf courses from around the world have been digitized).

A little searching showed me that there are already virtual golfing places in Columbus, but the manager assured me that this new business would have the latest and best golfing simulation.

Miner 49er Black Light Mini Golf

The back of the building has a large indoor put-putt course. The area used takes up the space behind the Veterinary office next door, so it is larger than it looks from the outside. I didn’t see what it looks like with all the black lighting and stuff, but at this point it looks similar to this video (no connection between the place in the vid and this company).

The manager said the focus of the mini golf will be kids birthday parties and gatherings. When I suggested that nearby OSU students would probably like to take mind altering substances and play late at night, he said that they are planning evening hours and beer taps (not the substances I had in mind).

The manager said they still have a month of construction to complete, but Virtual Golf would be here soon. I plan on taking some virtual money and giving the place a try soon. After all, if they are selling a photo of golf course, why can’t I give them a photo of some money?

Now Open as of May 18, 2015

From the comments – North Face wearing corporate sheep