Third and NW car lot is gone

Published February 13, 2015 by justicewg

wheels_goneThe former gas station, then decrepit used car lot, at the corner of Third and Northwest Boulevard has finally been torn down. No one has said what will go into the empty lot, the land is listed as available and no signs are posted to announce new owners.

At some point in the past there was a leak in the gas tanks under the station, possibly this was what caused the end of the use of the property as a filling station. The complexities of remediation needed to clean up a gasoline leak probably left the property as a long term albatross for the owners, no one would buy a lot that required decades of work to clean up. The house that stood directly to the south was bought out by the owners of the station and torn down at some point (the basement was said to smell of gasoline). They then dug wells and placed pumps under the land to filter out the gasoline in a decades long process.

With a contaminated lot there was no reputable business who would rent the place. The “Wheels” car lot and repair that set up shop was always known for having the worst collection of old beaters and rusted crap cars in the city (this land is in Columbus, but it got tagged as a Grandview car lot because it was so close). I once talked to a salesman about what looked like a decent car, he seemed surprised that anyone would want to buy one of the cars, and seemed uninterested in making any effort to sell the car. You wondered what could be sustaining the place, guesses that it might be some sort of chop-shop were often made by neighbors.

There was an effort to clean the lot out back in 2012, all the cars were towed away and fences went up, and the old gas tanks were dug out. Then something stopped the renovations, the old cars came back, and it was business as usual for Wheels. Here’s hoping something new comes of all the demolition. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a row of junk cars returning, it seems to be the fate of that lot.


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