Top Watching Grandview stories of 2014

Published December 29, 2014 by justicewg

It’s the click bait time of the year. The internet demands these year end recaps. In no rational order:

Photo by    :+:+:+:+: on Flickr

Photo by :+:+:+:+: on Flickr

Honorable mention for a story I didn’t post –

Grandview Dad turns his son in to the police for peeping.

I thought about running this story, but just couldn’t work up the will to post it. I don’t want this blog to be about publicizing the stories of normal people with no particular lesson to be learned by discussing the story in public. Sneaking around taking pictures of women through their windows was a crime for which the 15 year old will be punished. Lots of kids do bad things and end up in trouble with the police. Why is this story notable?

The news media loved it though, I saw this story printed on newspaper websites all over the country. Google says it was in at least 50, including British and EU mentions. I guess there is sort of a moral quandary to the story, many parents would not have gone to the police. The possibility of the photos being part of the news stories probably made it a good click bait. For a time in November 2014 a search for Grandview Heights brought up multiple news coverage of this story, so it is notable because of the wide media mention of Grandview.

Mayor Degraw wins big time

Mayor Degraw wins big time

NRI lays out the future of Grandview Yard

This is the biggest development story of the year, possibly the biggest story ever for the future of the city. Although the announcement of the Grandview Yard development by NRI back in 2007 seemed like it would transform the city, the timing was horrible. Rumors of retail stores that turned out to be false, followed by a less than thrilling first stage development featuring a hotel and office building, and some apartments, left observers underwhelmed with the pace of the investment.

NRI dropped a bomb on the city in June with the announcement of a campus for the insurance arm of the company. What could have been a failed project is now assured to be a high density group of buildings with offices, more residential, restaurants and another hotel, and some additional retail. The city now moves into the position of having the taxes flowing in that can pay for the public services we only dreamed about in the past. Can the city cope with the sudden wealth, and make wise choices?

Board meeting of 4-15-14, at which a hundred parents and kids attended

Board meeting of 4-15-14

Band Director Hennig is out, despite impassioned pleas

More than a hundred parents and students packed into the April school board meeting to plea with the board to retain the school band director. Hennig had been hired the previous year and seemed to be doing a good job, the news that he would not be asked to continue with the school shocked the band parents. Despite the pleading and attempts to reason with the board, they went into a 50 minute private executive meeting and then voted unanimously to accept the forced resignation.

Board Vice President Brannan tried to do damage control with a “Keep Calm and March On” letter to the band parents that claimed the school superintendent was most responsible for the firing, but an investigation by Allen Froman at the TVN into the public records of band director Hennig at the high school showed none of them seemed to contain complaints that would cause principal Chafin to not recommend a new contract. O’Reilly said the Chafin had not made a decision on recommending a new contract, or recommending non-renewal, before the school board acted.

oreilly_smallO’Reilly resigns Superintendent position

It was quite a surprise to read the January resignation letter from Superintendent O’Reilly. After spending a low key seven years at the school, the sudden departure without a planned move to another school didn’t make a lot of sense. I listed some possible reasons for the departure in a post, but none of them rang true. Except the last paragraph, in which I documented the bad blood between board president Douglass and O’Reilly. Shortly after, the school also lost the treasurer, with no good reason given. There is a story still waiting to be told about those resignations.

dead_birdKids say the darndest things

The high school was up in arms back in February about a twitter account “@Ohfession“ that contained shocking student stories of drug abuse and titillating sex tweets. I guess enough schools complained to get the account pulled from the web service. One down, millions to go!


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