Grandview Theatre’s Nedrow predicts biggest day for “The Interview”

Published December 24, 2014 by justicewg

GrandviewTheatreDave Nedrow, the co-owner of the Grandview Theatre, is predicting the biggest day of ticket sales in the history of the theater on Christmas day. The last minute release of “The Interview” has record online sales, possibly selling out the 2PM showing. It also him scrambling to find workers for the big day.

After the Sony hack by suspected North Korean agents and threats to attack theaters that showed “The Interview”, cancellation of the release of the spoof movie seemed like it would put it on the shelf. Possibly because of the criticism from President Obama, Sony decided to release the movie to independent theaters, about 100 screens across the country. Grandview and the downtown Arena Grand will show the movie in the Columbus area.

Online sales are running bigger than any previous day, said Nedrow. If you don’t want to be split into filling in the individual seats, you should be buying tickets online now.

Nedrow said he has not planned any extra security, and dismissed the threats. He compared it to the threats that were made back when “The Passion of Christ” was released, the theater he managed at the time was in the news after bomb warnings, but no problems occurred. “Any PR is good PR”, said the theater manager.

He said the theater has trained its employees to look out for trouble as the moviegoers enter the theater, but expects nothing more than some patrons who have drank too much holiday cheer. The Grandview police show up any place there is a crowd, so it would be normal for them to be in the area during the showings of the film.

GrTheatre_crowdNo problems at the 2PM showing. Channel 10 and the Dispatch sent reporters (sucks for them to work on Christmas too!). And yes, there was a Grandview police car outside the theater.


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