Grandview Flasher may (not) have been caught

Published October 14, 2014 by justicewg

The Grandview police posted a story on the Grandview Heights Blog today that reports a man was arrested for engaging in a sex act inside his vehicle at the Yard garage.

Police are withholding photos until other victims have an opportunity to view a line-up. If this is the Grandview Flasher, it will end a two year long search and more than 15 incidents of exposing himself to area women.

Although the flasher that has been seen in the Grandview area is often called “The Flasher”, singular, there has been evidence that it could have been more than one person. The police said this summer the suspect was described as a slender white male about 5’10” and possibly in his 20’s. The man caught was 33, and there were some conflicting descriptions, so we don’t know if this is the only guy.

Ch 10 said there is a photo that was taken by a victim that may be used to identify the perp.

Even if this guy is positively identified as the person who did most of the flashing, we are not going to end this sort of crime in Grandview by putting one man away. Grandview Heights should know this better than other communities, after all, we had a Mayor Pierce who was caught exposing himself back in the 80’s.

 (Oct 15 update from Police)

Several victims have been contacted to view a photo line-up containing Clint Wolf’s photograph. The victims that met with investigators were not able to positively identify Clint Wolf as the suspect from several public indecency incidents over the past 14 months in Grandview Heights. Many victims felt they did not obtain a good look at the suspect’s face.

The police posted a photo of Clint Wolf in the Grandview City Blog. I don’t understand why this was done, if there were any more people who might have been able to identify the Flasher in a lineup, the testimony  has now been rendered less effective, because they might have been using the photo provided by police to do the identification, instead of memory.

The update says that nobody they called in (and who showed up) was able to identify Wolf as the Flasher. I guess they are giving up on trying to identify him by witness testimony – or they have a lot of testimony that doesn’t match him. The description given out by police back in the summer said the flasher was thin. Wolf doesn’t look very thin to me. I think it is very possible that Wolf was engaging in a sex act inside his vehicle at the Yard garage, but was not the Flasher.

(Oct.27 update) Another public indecency report, the victim observed the suspect performing a sex act on himself while standing in front of a business window at 1095 W. First Ave. The suspect is described as a slender Caucasian male, approximately 5’8”, and he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.


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