Grandview murder from 2000 back in the news

Published September 29, 2014 by justicewg

The discussion about the Cooke murder in August 2013 brought up the story of a previous murder that happened 14 years ago. Mary Compton was stabbed by a friend of her children, allegedly while on LSD. The Dispatch has a story about the convicted murderer, Chad Davis, and his asking for a new trial because of mistakes by the judge in the original sentencing hearing.

Davis pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 25 years to life. Judge Deborah P. O’Neill told Davis that he may be eligible for judicial release after serving 15 years. This was incorrect, the sentence he was given said that he could not ask for early release. Because of this mistake, he will be given a new trial.

Much more details about the crime and the trial, and the stories of Compton’s kids are in the very well written Dispatch story.

Kicking her while she is down

Today (Sept 30) the Dispatch editorial page has a story that rips on former Judge Deborah P. O’Neill. The judge was removed from office by the Ohio Supreme Court and stripped of her license (since returned, I think). This story says she had to pay $587,000 in legal fees connected to her failed defense. I can’t say she doesn’t deserve more bad press. But it does seem a little like they are adding to a pile-on.

Davis accepted a plea deal

Probably the last update on this case – Davis accepted a plea deal a day before his new trial was to begin. According to the Dispatch story he will be in prison for another 11 years, until 2027.



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