Grandview Police have not found Cooke’s killer

Published August 11, 2014 by justicewg

Jennifer Cooke There are a few anniversary stories in the media as one year has passed since the murder of Jennifer Cooke. The most important story – when the Grandview police will announce they have found the person who committed the crime – still has no resolution.

The Dispatch reporter asked the police why they announced that the crime was not a random act at the time of the initial investigation. Officer Cohill, a police spokeswoman, had no answer to that question. Neighbor Wanda Jones, who found the body, said that the police have stopped asking questions and have given no updates. Cooke’s ex-husband, David Culbertson, is still referred to as a “person of interest” but no other info was given. His attorney said Culbertson has not heard from police since last fall.

Channel 4 has a story that was headlined “Police still pursuing leads”, but the question that is not answered – what leads? There has been nothing of substance announced in any of the anniversary stories.

Channel 10 has a headline, “New Evidence In Unsolved Grandview Heights Murder”, but the evidence they have found is only some video from a civil court hearing of a woman who said Cooke’s ex husband had been stalking her. If the accusations against Culberson are all true it would be an indication that he was a jerk. There is a long way to go between being a jerk and being a murderer. Sorry, Channel 10, unless you have some evidence of violence or threats of violence against Cooke, your “new evidence” is weak sauce.


3 comments on “Grandview Police have not found Cooke’s killer

  • Stalking someone is far more than being a “jerk.” There is not a big gap between being a stalker and being a murderer. This has been proven time and time again in our society. I have no idea who killed Jennifer, but I do know you do a great disservice to many victims by dismissing stalking as “being a jerk.”

    • As I read the story about Culbertson, he was never charged by the police. Maybe there is an extra level of badness that stalkers who are not charged with any crimes deserve to be tagged with. Super jerk? Even if I agree that a stalker would be a red flag for other crimes, I would guess Culbertson has been extensively examined by the police, and they have nothing that would allow them to press charges. I’m not bringing out the pitchforks against someone who may be innocent.

  • I think you’re right: he might be a jerk, but that doesn’t make him a killer. I’ve been wondering, however, why the Grandview PD only released his name as a “person of interest.” They’ve said that there are multiple “persons of interest” but they’ve only released this guy’s name. Why? Seems like if they police wanted to get help from the public they’d release the names of all persons of interest, not just leave this guy hung up on a flag pole.

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