Beth Collier is the new treasurer

Published May 15, 2014 by justicewg

bethcollier2010Collier will be paid a base salary of $105,000 annually and signed a three-year contract. Is that a lot of money for a treasurer? The current treasurer Tammy Rizzo was making $108K per year before she left the school.

(Edit – thanks for the link to the Buckeye Institute website from the commenter below. Collier was making $75K a year at Pleasant Local, so this job was a big step up for her.)

Collier was working as the treasurer for Pleasant Local Schools in Marion County. Hard to tell what she was making per year in that position, the board meeting notes are in that evil format where the text is only an image, unsearchable text can’t be scanned for keywords to find things like salary info (I mention this with hesitation because the Grandview school board might start doing the same just to make looking into their records a little harder). Collier was the person in charge of the meeting notes at that school.

Warfare at Pleasant Local Schools

A search for any news about Collier lead to a confusing fight in her past. The superintendent and the school board at Pleasant Local Schools were in a big dispute in 2011, and Collier was in the middle of the fight, according to this story in the Marion Star. At one point Collier is quoted in an email saying about the superintendent “This is another attempt for him to make unreasonable demands on me.” If I read the story correctly, Collier moved her office in an attempt to stay away from the superintendent, then emailed the board to tell them about the move. The fight ended with the super being put on indefinite leave. A wild story, I wonder if this was brought up as part of the interview process.


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