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Beth Collier is the new treasurer

Published May 15, 2014 by justicewg

bethcollier2010Collier will be paid a base salary of $105,000 annually and signed a three-year contract. Is that a lot of money for a treasurer? The current treasurer Tammy Rizzo was making $108K per year before she left the school.

(Edit – thanks for the link to the Buckeye Institute website from the commenter below. Collier was making $75K a year at Pleasant Local, so this job was a big step up for her.)

Collier was working as the treasurer for Pleasant Local Schools in Marion County. Hard to tell what she was making per year in that position, the board meeting notes are in that evil format where the text is only an image, unsearchable text can’t be scanned for keywords to find things like salary info (I mention this with hesitation because the Grandview school board might start doing the same just to make looking into their records a little harder). Collier was the person in charge of the meeting notes at that school.

Warfare at Pleasant Local Schools

A search for any news about Collier lead to a confusing fight in her past. The superintendent and the school board at Pleasant Local Schools were in a big dispute in 2011, and Collier was in the middle of the fight, according to this story in the Marion Star. At one point Collier is quoted in an email saying about the superintendent “This is another attempt for him to make unreasonable demands on me.” If I read the story correctly, Collier moved her office in an attempt to stay away from the superintendent, then emailed the board to tell them about the move. The fight ended with the super being put on indefinite leave. A wild story, I wonder if this was brought up as part of the interview process.


Post resignation investigation at the high school

Published May 1, 2014 by justicewg

Allen Froman at the TVN did some investigation into the public records of resigned band director Hennig at the high school, and got some documents, including forms Principal Ken Chaffin completed after observing Hennig in class and an improvement plan for Hennig. None of them seemed to contain complaints that would cause Chafin to not recommend a new contract. O’Reilly said the Chafin had not made a decision on recommending a new contract, or recommending non-renewal, before the school board acted.

I got a kick out of the request that Hennig needed to “respond to all emails from parents”. If the teachers at the school followed the lead of the school board members, they would be fine with deleting emails and never responding.

O’Reilly confirmed that Hennig was not accused of a major issue like illegal or unethical behavior, which would have caused immediate suspension.

So we are again left with no reason for Hennig to be asked to leave the school. Remember, in the damage control letter from board member Brannan she said that the school administration made the decision to get rid of Hennig, and the board just acted to accept a resignation that was placed before them. Yet when the documents that should have showed this decision were supplied by the school there was nothing but minor complaints.

We really have nothing to think at this point except that the school board is hiding the real reason. Did Hennig have a fight with someone who was politically powerful enough to cause his removal? Could it have been a parent group who thought Hennig was gay and wanted him out? Nobody is talking on the school board, until they do it will remain a mystery.

School board members lying to the community

I didn’t emphasize the lying that was revealed by Froman’s investigation into the paperwork at the high school. All of the observations, reviews, and recommendations that would have shown that the band director was in trouble were handed over by the school administration. Documentation is everything in a system like the school, they produce endless files on every teacher. If there was no paperwork that showed Hennig was in trouble with the administration, that was the truth. There is no “secret probation”. And Froman confirmed that with O’Reilly.

That means that board member Brannan‘s letter to the band parents was a lie. The board was not following the wishes of the administration, the action they took to get rid of him was all their own.

I don’t recall ever hearing about a school board in Grandview Heights that blatantly lied to the public like this one. I wonder, will everyone just shrug it off? Will parents wait for the next board member election to express their feelings about this, or will the levy in the fall be the target of those angry at the board?