Andy Culp is the new Superintendent

Published April 22, 2014 by justicewg

Andy Culp, the Assistant Superintendent at the Marysville Exempted Village School District, is the new Grandview Heights superintendent.

I didn’t find anything unusual about him in my review of the candidates post. Pretty standard series of jobs leading up to the post of assistant superintendent. Taking a position at Marysville while still living in Columbus tells us he has some drive (and has driven his car a lot).

He has a Masters of Education degree from OSU, and is working on a doctorate in educational administration at Ohio University, according to the story from the Marysville paper. I’m assuming he is taking some sort of online program at OU, that would be an even longer drive.

He sent the following email this afternoon:

Mr. Wagner,

Thanks for your email. As you probably already know I am scheduled to be board approved at this evenings board of education meeting. I look forward to working with you upon my start date on July 1.


Andy Culp
Assistant Superintendent
Marysville Exempted Village School District

Thanks for the tip Mr. Culp. Looking forward to working with you too.

Although you might have made a major error right out of the blocks, some of the current school board members are convinced that the way to deal with critics is to throw their emails into the bit-bucket, and never respond. You will have plenty of time to learn how things are done here in Grandview before you start, I’m sure the board will be telling you who to avoid speaking to!

(later) Compensation numbers are up on the TVN.

Culp’s three-year contract, effective Aug. 1, has a starting base salary of $146,000 — about $12,050 less than O’Reilly’s 2013 base salary … Culp’s salary will increase on the first day of each contract year by the inflationary rate as determined from the Consumer Price Index. The board also will contribute an amount equal to 2.5 percent of Culp’s salary to an annuity contract as selected by him. Culp will receive life insurance, health insurance and other fringe benefits applicable to certificated administrative employees in accordance to board policy. The board will contribute $4,000 to the health savings account of the superintendent every plan year provided that Culp participates in the high deductible/HSA medical insurance option offered to eligible district employees.

Do you have a guaranteed CPI increase at your job every year? Remember, that is the least they have to give him, no matter what his job performance. They can always give him more (O’Reilly was getting raises that came out to 3.5% per year, during a time in which the economy crashed and schools were in crisis mode all over the state). Pretty sweet benefits.


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