The six super candidate finalists have been chosen

Published April 16, 2014 by justicewg

The list of the six finalists for the superintendent position at the school has been posted in the TVN. Final interviews have already been done for some candidates, more are in progress today. This quote from the story shows the board is moving fast:

Truett said the board expects to make an informal decision April 19 about a hire after it holds a final 90-minute interview with each finalist.

A meeting with groups of community members and staffers is also planned for the 19th.

I’m working on a search to learn some info about these people, so this post will be updated often as new info comes up. I’m also emailing the candidates with some questions, any answers will be posted as they come in.

George Joseph

Worthington City Schools administrator George Joseph,

Not sure what an Executive Director of Administrative Services does at the school, but I found one administrator at Worthington blogging about going over emergency procedures with him. Worthington is where we found Ken Chaffin to be our new principal, he was an assistant principal at McCord Middle School.

He is a candidate for three super positions. He applied for the top job in the Pickerington Local Schools and he is one of two who will interview for the superintendent position in Kenston, in northeast Ohio.

Dr. Quint Gage

Dr. Quint Gage, elementary principal at Bexley,

He started as an 8th grade teacher at Southwestern City Schools from 2005 to 2002, then an Asst Principal at Upper Arlington Schools until 2009. He has an OSU PhD, Education Administration.

There are only two people I can find with the name Quint Gage on the internet, so he can’t hide much. Here is a review of a book on Amazon.

He either cleared out his Instagram account or made it all private, I’m not sure how that service works.

He is listed on the roster of parents who attended the December 18, 2012 Grandview school board meeting, so I guess that means he lives in Grandview? (Yes, on Westwood Ave., via email, he is a long long time resident of Grandview (since 1992) and both of his kids were Kindergarten through 12th grade students in the district). I don’t know why he was there but the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut had just happened and some parents were talking to the board about that incident. He also attended the April 13, 2004 board meeting. A super who lives inside the district is good for the first hand knowledge of the weather conditions when he needs to call snow days, but he might regret living here when kids T.P. his house constantly.

Quint is an unusual first name. I wondered, could his parents have named him after Robert Shaw charater Quint, in the movie Jaws? The movie came out in 1975 and Gage started college in 1987, so unless he was a twelve year old freshman his name preceded the movie.  The Quint from the movie Jaws would be an appropriate person to be brought into try to deal with the school, there is a big shark on the board.

Andrew Culp

Culp ( is the assistant superintendent at Marysville Exempted Village School District. He was at New Albany Middle School as an assistant principal from 2001-2006, then principal 2006 -20012.

Here is a story from Marysville about his new position at the school. His educations is listed:

Culp earned a degree in political science in 1994 from Miami University. In 1997, he earned a Masters of Education degree from the Ohio State University. He is currently working on a doctorate in educational administration at Ohio University.

He said in the story he still lives in Columbus and drives to Marysville. That might be why he is looking for a new job after only two years.

I don’t think this guy is the same Andrew Culp, but it would be cool if he was. We need someone who knows political philosophy, social science, and cultural theory.

Kimberly Pietsch Miller

 Miller ( is the Assistant Superintendent at the Loveland District School (near Cincinnati). She was Assistant Principal at Woodland Elementary School in the Lakota Local School District 2004-2008, then principal 2008 -20012. She was a teacher or consultant for 13 years previously.

Miller has a blog! All very mainstream educational stuff, but it’s good, read the two part post on student social networking. Too many of the educational programs on social networking have a gloomy “everything can go wrong” slant that makes it sound better to throw away the computer. Miller starts by saying that networking can be good and fun, but you have to be careful.

Miller also has done a video to explain some of the expanded gifted services for students at that school. I’m very impressed with her ability to communicate.

Tracey Miller

Miller, , is the director of secondary education at the Dublin City School District. According to the Dublin school website, that means he:

Miller works closely with the seven secondary buildings for the purpose of coordinating and supporting secondary programming, instructional practices, and operational procedures in the district’s middle schools and high schools.  Additionally he facilitates teacher leadership groups including the Secondary Social Studies Curriculum Council.

Miller was a candidate for the superintendent at Dublin last year and lost, also applied at the the Mariemont City School District.

Two former Dublin Coffman High School lacrosse coaches were convicted of misdemeanor assault charges for attacking a player during a team trip to Tennessee in 2006, while Miller was the principal. Nothing in the stories indicated Miller failed to act and investigate, but these were his coaches.

All these Millers (and the board member Miller) make me think about the Millerites, the Adventists who believed the world would end on October 22, 1844. They were the first of the large groups who predict “the end”. I don’t think Tracey Miller is a Millerite.

Todd Meyer

Meyer is the high school principal at Olentangy Local School District.

One of his students was the16-year-old girl who survived being clipped by a freight train in southern Delaware County in 2010.

Meyer and board member Jesse Truett both applied for the principal position at Olentangy Local in 2009. Meyers won. How uncomfortable will Truett be with a guy who beat him to a job? I think Meyers is toast.

(later) Meyer emailed to say he was one of two finalists, and was not offered the position. Waiting to see if he will tell me who the other person was.

(April 22) The winner was Andrew Culp.


5 comments on “The six super candidate finalists have been chosen

  • Good luck, superintendent candidates, considering the insensitivity shown to Grandview students and residents at last night’s board meeting. Be ready for the chopping block at any given time!

  • And yet again, the superintendent candidates have no experience as a district superintendent. Why does the board never learn, as we serve as a district for “cutting their teeth” as a superintendent. Some have faired well, some not. So it’s the taxpayers, students and staff that will need to accommodate yet another new beginning.
    Our current list of employees leaving the district by choice or force out should be a warning. I certainly am not comfortable having this current board of education choose our next leader for this very important position.

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