School board wants to hear when they need money

Published April 3, 2014 by justicewg

The Grandview Heights school board doesn’t care much about reading the email you send them. They don’t try very hard to get agendas out for board meetings, and sometimes they flee town to keep parents away. They now have a reason to set up a special meeting and hear from the community – time to ask for money.

On April 9, in the High School auditorium, the board will lay out the numbers and ask for feedback on the timing and mills for the next levy. The last successful levy was 5.9-mills, in 2010.

The most important factor in projecting costs for the future is to know how much money the teachers will be asking for in the next contract. The negotiation committee would normally be deep in the process, in 2012 they approved the two-year agreement on May 15th.

Here is where all the “we want to hear from you” will be rendered nearly useless, the board has decided to put off the teacher’s union negotiation until the search for the new superintendent has been completed.

Is this a case of “can’t walk and chew gum at the same time?” Putting off a major decision until the person who will need to live with the outcome is in place? Hiding a major dispute with the teachers from all the super candidates? We will never know for sure, because with the Grandview Heights school board, the public doesn’t get told the truth.


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