Internet safety program at HS

Published March 19, 2014 by justicewg

hacker (cc) There was an internet safety program at the HS this week, I wondered what the school is telling kids these days, so I sat in for the hour long program.

There were lots of warnings about security issues for devices (computers and phones), app security, password strength, dangers of downloaded attachments and untrusted programs, virus protection, etc. I’m not sure if they stressed it enough – if your smartphone is stolen or you just leave it on a table, without a strong password locking the device you have left yourself open to a complete hack of all your emails, banking websites (if you keep passwords on the device), all your social media. A standard four character password is not hard to hack.

I would have talked about how even the best 15 character alphanumeric passwords are hackable now with enough processor capacity, and that two factor authentication is the way to go. Maybe too geeky.

There were the warnings about taking nude photos and how that would probably be shared in the locker rooms. The kids were told how that can end with charges of child pornography. When questioned by a student about how that works when both persons involved are minors, it was explained that consent by a minor is never as clear cut as consent by an adult, and that serious charges and convictions have happened even when both sides testify to consent.

I liked that the warnings about bullying on the net were backed up by specific examples and court cases, and they explained the difference between having an opinion and causing an environment that impinges on the ability of other kids to get an education.

They talked about the Steubenville Rape Case, and how the sharing of photos and videos on social media ended in two kids going to jail. There is another story that came out of Steubenville that needs to be told, how the superintendent covered up the evidence because he was pushed by a strong social clique among the school’s parents, and how he is now facing up to five years in prison for falsifying that evidence.

Altogether it was a lot of warnings that everything you do on the internet can be traced, recorded for later use, hacked by eastern Europeans, and end up with you sent to jail and you will live your life as a broken person.

Brrring! Bell rings, Have fun kids!

Not discussed – how a lot of that capability to trace every move you make and create a database with all that data has been developed and is being done by the NSA without oversight or any particular concern for constitutional rights. But the government is doing it, so it must be OK!?

Brrring! Have fun, adults!


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