And now the treasurer is gone.

Published March 19, 2014 by justicewg

Sometimes people get linked in synchronicity, by some unknown factor. Sometimes they sense the fun is gone. And sometimes they get fed up and walk.

Grandview treasurer Tammy Rizzo turned in her resignation during the board meeting on March 17, to be effective April 18. Along with the resignation of super O’Reilly back on Jan. 14th, this makes it the most complete shift to a new top administration at the school within my memory.

According to the Tri-V story, she will become the director of fiscal services for the Shared Services Center Council of Governments. From their website:

 Many ESCs have historically provided districts with background checks and training for substitute teachers. Today, the ESC of Central Ohio provides this service, but also offers substitute staffing services at different levels including options to hire, process and schedule all substitute teachers for several districts. By consolidating these services, the ESC is saving area districts thousands of dollars and giving school leaders more time to concentrate on other pressing issues.

In a neat bit of eating its own tail, the services center will be assisting in finding the replacement for Rizzo for the school.


One comment on “And now the treasurer is gone.

  • How much does the school district pay ESC for all services provided? For search services, substitute coordination and any other staffing or student services?

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