Low turnout voting day

Published November 5, 2013 by justicewg
  by rob nguyen

by rob nguyen

I voted a little before noon and was alone (except for some very bored poll workers) at my precinct. I have never seen that before.

Not sure how that will effect voting. The motivated will win, but who is motivated?

One last comment about Jesse Truett, then hopefully he can go back into obscurity and I’ll never have to write about him again. Truett argued when I talked to him at the candidate night that “The voters will decide if I should have ran for the board”. That is true now, but when he signed the paperwork to be on the ballot, he was the ONLY person who wanted his seat on the board. He thought he would be placed on the board without campaigning at all. He didn’t want any confirmation from the voters, he just wanted to be on the board because of the opportunity to get something for nothing. He didn’t want to have the voters decide if a person who has to turn in his teaching license and leave the school in shame should be on the school board.

It is only the most unusual circumstance of Clifford flubbing the paperwork that gives us some other candidates. Please don’t miss this opportunity – you almost didn’t get one!

Wednesday – According to the Dispatch Douglass, Truett, and Evans will be on the board.


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