New restaurant/bar going into space across from the Library – La Tavola

Published October 23, 2013 by justicewg

I noticed some welders working on heavy duty metalwork in front of the building across from the Grandview library. They said they are fabricating some big tables that will be used as an outdoor seating area for a new restaurant/bar. That spot has been the short term, death-cursed grave for so many restaurants I can’t even keep track of them all. I guess the last was Roccos Pizza. Before that, Google tells me that The Culinary Table was at that address, Bellisaris Catering, and I remember a Mexican convenience store years ago. Wonder what is next?

And after a little more searching, I have the answer:

This autumn, Rick Lopez (of Knead fame, and pictured here in the previous La Tavola space) will reopen his former Powell-based, chalkboard-menu, Italian cafe at 1664 W. First Ave., across from Grandview Heights Public Library.

The story in the “Crave” dining magazine explains the history of La Tavola. It started in the space left open by the closure of the Galaxy Cafe, from ’99 to 2006, then moved to Riverside in Dublin.

This part of the story is interesting:

How far along is the process of opening La Tavola?

It should be September or October. We have to get a wine license on the ballot in November, so if that passes, we won’t have wine until January. We’re in the process of getting a beer license transferred in.

If I remember correctly, there was a failed attempt to get a liquor license for this spot back when it was a Mexican convenience store. I looked up the ballot info, found this:

Liquor Option: Grandview Precinct B

ZEPOL LLC, doing business as La Tavola, 1664 W. First Ave, Grandview Heights, OH 43212 seeks to sell alcohol on Sundays (10 a.m. – midnight).

They must already have a license at this spot for the rest of the week. I guess they are doing a quiet campaign, I don’t remember anything in the papers.

So the great drought in Italian restaurants in the Grandview Heights area will be ending. Let me see if I can name them all – Z Cucina , Trattoria Roma, Figlio, Paul’s Fifth Avenue, Spagio, Vino Vino, and more pizza places than I can count. Did I miss any?

Also – really, we need to have outdoor drinking right in front of the library, in the path that kids will take to go from the schools to the library after school? The guy couldn’t find a better space?

(Later) The La Tavola is open as of April 2014. For now the hours are 5 to 11PM, so the issue of kids walking past a patio area with drinking is not an issue.

I’m not a restaurant review sort of person, but my first visit to La Tavola was very good, attentive staff, lots of people have discovered this new place.

Rancho Ballot

Part of the reason I don’t read much about the ballot issues for restaurant booze licenses is that they are precinct specific, only the people who live in the area vote on the issue. Grandview B will vote on the La Tavola license.

I just got some promotional material in the mail for Issue 20-B, covering Grandview Heights precinct C. This referendum allows for Sunday sales at Rancho Alegre Restaurant. The strange thing is that when I searched for more info on this issue, I found a page that says there was a  ballot issue in November 2009 that was for the same Sunday licence and it passed with a 85% Yes vote. Why is this back on the ballot (lazyweb request)?


2 comments on “New restaurant/bar going into space across from the Library – La Tavola

  • La Tavola is a great addition to the Grandview community. Residents will be able to walk there and enjoy a fabulous meal, the schools will benefit from the taxes, Grandview teens can work there. The children walk to and from school at 8 am and 2:45. I don’t see a problem.

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