I’m (not) thinking of running for the school board

Published August 20, 2013 by justicewg

After the news that current school board member Katie Clifford has blown the paperwork for the school board election, and will not be allowed to run as a write-in candidate, the position is now up for grabs.

I’m (not) thinking about running for the school board (not gonna happen, for now).

Would a blogger candidate have any advantage in the eyes of the voters of Grandview? I’m certainly not an unknown, I have 10 years of blogging available, both on Watching Grandview and my old blog, Grandview Watch.  Want to know my position on a subject? Do a search on either site.

Could I continue to blog my opinions after I was elected to the board? There is a member of the Hilliard school board named Paul Lambert who is doing it (I have been linking to him in the right sidebar). He is very circumspect in what he says about his fellow board members. Could a blogger on a school board “let it all hang out” and discuss the inside politics that drives the votes on a school board?

(edit) Although it might be interesting to read a blog that documented the inside politics of a school board, I have a feeling the result of the blog would be for the other board members to completely freeze out the blabbing board member. It’s an idea that has more theoretic interest than a practical possibility. I have no interest in playing the politician games.

Ohio’s Sore Loser Law

The specific law that Clifford has run into is ORC 3513.04 . From the text:

No person who seeks party nomination for an office or position at a primary election by declaration of candidacy or by declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate and no person who is a first choice for president of candidates seeking election as delegates and alternates to the national conventions of the different major political parties who are chosen by direct vote of the electors as provided in this chapter shall be permitted to become a candidate by nominating petition , by declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate, or by filling a vacancy under section 3513.31 of the Revised Code at the following general election for any office other than the office of member of the state board of education, office of member of a city, local, or exempted village board of education, office of member of a governing board of an educational service center, or office of township trustee.

The “exempted village board of education” doesn’t refer to Grandview, that is a special kind of district that doesn’t have to follow the rules from a county board. This law keeps losers in primary elections from coming back and taking a second run as an independent candidate. As this law is interpreted, if you screw up the paperwork for a run, that’s it – no running as a write-in.


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