Grandview homicide on Woodhill

Published August 12, 2013 by justicewg

Jennifer L. Cooke, 35, was found dead inside a Woodhill Dr. apartment last night. Police are investigating the incident as a murder.

Cooke was a clinical research coordinator at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, and has an 10-year-old daughter who was out of the house with her father.

A group of about 75 friends and neighbors gathered for a candle light vigil for Cooke the evening of the 12th.

The most recent update on the Dispatch story said that there may have been a robbery at the apartment. Cooke was discovered in her upstairs room after a neighbor found the back door unlocked and noticed drawers pulled open, then alerted the police.  Grandview Heights detectives are asking anyone who may have seen Cook since Thursday, or who may have information regarding her murder to contact them at 614-488-7901 or 614-488-3157.

From the TVN:

Grandview Heights City Council member Anthony Panzera and his wife, Julie, were friends with Cooke.

That Cooke was murdered “is immeasurably senseless,” Panzera said. “The tragedy is beyond description. “Jennifer was remarkably kind, warm, amazingly gentle and very caring,” he said. “She was a friend to anyone that she would meet.”

An email from Super O’Reilly said the school Counselors will be available at Edison Intermediate Middle School Tuesday.

Her Facebook page, her twitter feed.

The Dispatch article said that it was the first Homicide in the city in 13 years. I am not finding info on that murder after some quick searches, but I do remember an incident where the police shot a person who was threatening them with a knife (not sure if that counts as homicide). Maybe it was the shooting that happened at the old Knights Inn before it was torn down? (Dennis (in comments below) said Mary Compton, a Palmer Road resident, was also stabbed to death in an upstairs bedroom back in 2000.)

Update 6 pm Aug.14th. There was a story on the local news that showed police cars and BCI trucks outside a house on Northwest Boulevard.  A search in the murder case was supposed to be under way. The second link to the Ch 10 story implicates Cooke’s ex-husband, saying Police searched his home and vehicle.

An interesting line was drawn by the Ch 10 reporter, he said that because the ex-husband is a “person of interest” but not a suspect, they would not give his name. But other news reports did give his name in the past. Anyone who knew Cooke in Grandview knows his name.

The print version of the story on the Ch 10 website only names the Ex as a person of interest, but the video said there were other people who are being investigated.

AUG 25: Lady of the Lake Fest

A fundraiser celebrating the life of Jennifer Cooke will be held Sunday, August 25, from noon-6 pm, on the Library Lawn.

A memorial fund has been set up to take donations for Jennifer Cooke’s daughter.

Update Aug. 27. There is now a story about the father of Jennifer Cooke’s 10 year old daughter in the news. Jason Roberts says in this story that he was cleared by the police, but “There are still members of the Grandview community who treat me as if I am the suspect.” The last line of the story is the kicker, it brings up the fact that Robert’s brother murdered his ex-wife last year. It was a big story, I found it on the Huffington Post. Gee, I wonder why people would have suspicious ideas about a person with that kind of brother.

6 comments on “Grandview homicide on Woodhill

      • Yes. It was a very odd, drug induced stabbing, the guy was on LSD and was found in the house when the police arrived. He didn’t remember any of it the next day. He got a relatively light sentence – maybe 20 years?

        If you have a Grandview library card you can use their website to look up old Dispatch articles, the story is accessible with a search for “Mary Compton”.

  • John, I’m Jason Roberts, the father of Jennifer’s child. You like so many other people in Grandview fail to realize is that I filed for a restraining order against my brother 6 months before he killed his wife, the judge threw it out. So instead of making smart ass comments while sitting in front of your computer, with cheetos stained fingers. why dont you try to help the police, and your neighbors? Turn off your computer, go outside and patrol the neighborhood? An attempted break-in, three different flashers, and now the loss of Jennifer. Way to go Grandview! I know you would have to turn off your smart phone, computer, T.V or whatever instant gratification device your hooked to. But why not instead of the latest IPAD or IPHONE everybody buy one camera and put it up?

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