Early candidate list

Published August 9, 2013 by justicewg

The deadline for running for office in Grandview has just passed, these are the early postings to the FCBOE.

City Council

Jagers, Koelker, Panzera,  and president Reynolds were up for re-election.  Jagers and Koelker were known to be ready to step down after many years in office, and they do not show up on the list of candidates. I’m not sure if Reynolds had intended to run, but his name is not on the BOE website.  Anthony S. Panzera intends to run for re-election. Greta M. Kearns, Stephen Papineau, and Chris Smith will be unopposed for the three open seats.

School Board

Clifford, Douglas, and Kessler are ending their terms, and Kessler is not on the list of returning candidates. Former H.S. school principal Jesse Truett is listed as a candidate, and if the posting from the BOE is accurate he will take the seat unopposed.

Jesse Truett’s announcement of his resignation from the High School in March of 2011 was a shock to the school, as was his revealing the truth about his leaving the school – as a 23-year-old teacher, he had a romantic relationship with an 18-year-old student. He voluntarily surrendered his teaching license. According to the Dispatch story, sexual conduct with a student, regardless of the student’s age, is considered sexual battery, a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison. Truett later married the student, which may have been the reason he was not charged with the crime by the Westerville police.

I never had much of a problem with the issue of his dating the student, it was an ethical lapse but I didn’t see any way the 18 year old was victimized. I see a reason for the law, the power imbalance of a student having a relationship with a teacher or administrator makes it a bad idea, but mature students can make choices on their own.

What is more troubling is the career choice that Truett has made since leaving the school, he joined the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools as a Project Manager. Given that he will be employed during the day in a position that advocates for the movement of students away from public schools into charter schools, it will be interesting to see what he will be proposing for the Grandview schools in the evenings.

Edit 8-20-13

As the headline says, this post was made early in the process of checking all the candidate petitions for correct signatures, etc. A few people fail to follow the instructions every election. This time it looks like Katie Clifford made the mistakes, and will not be on the ballot. She will have to be a write-in candidate, if she still wants to be on the board. (she can’t run as a write-in, the election laws say you get one chance. She blew it. She is off the board).

This will be an opportunity for anyone else who wants to make a try for the school board, anyone who can get a few dozen friends to pledge to fill in the write-in space has a shot at the board slot. According to the Dispatch story, you have until Monday to file for a write-in spot.


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