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Land-Grant Brewing Company plans move to Burrell Ave.

Published August 29, 2013 by justicewg

After a successful Kickstarter funding drive last year, and a re-naming of the brewery from “Oval” to “Land-Grant Brewing”, a new beer brewery and tasting room is planning to move into the old warehouse at 945 Burrell Avenue (not sure, but I think this is where there used to be a roller skating facility? According to the website the Central Ohio Roller Hockey is still there, so it must be the warehouse beside it.)

From their website:

The warehouse is an enormous space that will allow us to create the large production brew-house we set out to build, as well as a unique and spacious tap room. Location was a big sticking point for us—our vision has always been a centrally-situated destination defined by a tight-knit, local community. Grandview Heights and the adjacent Grandview Yard couldn’t be a more fitting setting to bring that to life. The icing on the proverbial cake is that the barrel-vaulted space will let us expand and grow without the need for relocation in the foreseeable future. Needless to say, we’re beyond thrilled.

(later) Bad news for the Land-Grant Brewing guys, they signed a contract with the landlord, they were ready to show plans to the city council, when they were given the heave-ho by the landlord. No word on any chances to open anywhere else in the city.

(March 2014) They found a place to move into in the East Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus.


Lady of the Lake Festival will be Sunday at the Library

Published August 22, 2013 by justicewg

A concert to benefit the  Jennifer Cooke Memorial Fund will be held this weekend. The Lady of the Lake Festival will take place from noon to 6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 25, on the lawn of the Grandview Heights Public Library, 1685 W. First Ave. The lineup will include the McIans, Donna Magavoro, Billy Zenn & Pat Buzzard, C LA C I, Kyle Sowash, MillerKelton, Mike Wilson, doctah X, So Hard and ECC.


I’m (not) thinking of running for the school board

Published August 20, 2013 by justicewg

After the news that current school board member Katie Clifford has blown the paperwork for the school board election, and will not be allowed to run as a write-in candidate, the position is now up for grabs.

I’m (not) thinking about running for the school board (not gonna happen, for now).

Would a blogger candidate have any advantage in the eyes of the voters of Grandview? I’m certainly not an unknown, I have 10 years of blogging available, both on Watching Grandview and my old blog, Grandview Watch.  Want to know my position on a subject? Do a search on either site.

Could I continue to blog my opinions after I was elected to the board? There is a member of the Hilliard school board named Paul Lambert who is doing it (I have been linking to him in the right sidebar). He is very circumspect in what he says about his fellow board members. Could a blogger on a school board “let it all hang out” and discuss the inside politics that drives the votes on a school board?

(edit) Although it might be interesting to read a blog that documented the inside politics of a school board, I have a feeling the result of the blog would be for the other board members to completely freeze out the blabbing board member. It’s an idea that has more theoretic interest than a practical possibility. I have no interest in playing the politician games.

Ohio’s Sore Loser Law

The specific law that Clifford has run into is ORC 3513.04 . From the text:

No person who seeks party nomination for an office or position at a primary election by declaration of candidacy or by declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate and no person who is a first choice for president of candidates seeking election as delegates and alternates to the national conventions of the different major political parties who are chosen by direct vote of the electors as provided in this chapter shall be permitted to become a candidate by nominating petition , by declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate, or by filling a vacancy under section 3513.31 of the Revised Code at the following general election for any office other than the office of member of the state board of education, office of member of a city, local, or exempted village board of education, office of member of a governing board of an educational service center, or office of township trustee.

The “exempted village board of education” doesn’t refer to Grandview, that is a special kind of district that doesn’t have to follow the rules from a county board. This law keeps losers in primary elections from coming back and taking a second run as an independent candidate. As this law is interpreted, if you screw up the paperwork for a run, that’s it – no running as a write-in.

Tacocat Co-operative

Published August 14, 2013 by justicewg
Tacocat Co-op

Tacocat Co-op

The closing and recent demolishing of the Junctionview Studios building in April of 2013 was a hit for the artists who used that Grandview space. A subset of those artists have found a new space in the Grandview Yard area. Eleven artist studios called Tacocat Co-operative will have an August 17th grand opening this Saturday.

Tacocat Co-operative, at 937 Burrell Ave. Columbus OH, 43212 . Opening Saturday, August 17th , 2013, from 5pm to 9pm. I heard that the open house will also be on Sunday, 12 to 5pm (confirmed on their website).

Columbus Underground interview with the founders.

Grandview homicide on Woodhill

Published August 12, 2013 by justicewg

Jennifer L. Cooke, 35, was found dead inside a Woodhill Dr. apartment last night. Police are investigating the incident as a murder.

Cooke was a clinical research coordinator at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, and has an 10-year-old daughter who was out of the house with her father.

A group of about 75 friends and neighbors gathered for a candle light vigil for Cooke the evening of the 12th.

The most recent update on the Dispatch story said that there may have been a robbery at the apartment. Cooke was discovered in her upstairs room after a neighbor found the back door unlocked and noticed drawers pulled open, then alerted the police.  Grandview Heights detectives are asking anyone who may have seen Cook since Thursday, or who may have information regarding her murder to contact them at 614-488-7901 or 614-488-3157.

From the TVN:

Grandview Heights City Council member Anthony Panzera and his wife, Julie, were friends with Cooke.

That Cooke was murdered “is immeasurably senseless,” Panzera said. “The tragedy is beyond description. “Jennifer was remarkably kind, warm, amazingly gentle and very caring,” he said. “She was a friend to anyone that she would meet.”

An email from Super O’Reilly said the school Counselors will be available at Edison Intermediate Middle School Tuesday.

Her Facebook page, her twitter feed.

The Dispatch article said that it was the first Homicide in the city in 13 years. I am not finding info on that murder after some quick searches, but I do remember an incident where the police shot a person who was threatening them with a knife (not sure if that counts as homicide). Maybe it was the shooting that happened at the old Knights Inn before it was torn down? (Dennis (in comments below) said Mary Compton, a Palmer Road resident, was also stabbed to death in an upstairs bedroom back in 2000.)

Update 6 pm Aug.14th. There was a story on the local news that showed police cars and BCI trucks outside a house on Northwest Boulevard.  A search in the murder case was supposed to be under way. The second link to the Ch 10 story implicates Cooke’s ex-husband, saying Police searched his home and vehicle.

An interesting line was drawn by the Ch 10 reporter, he said that because the ex-husband is a “person of interest” but not a suspect, they would not give his name. But other news reports did give his name in the past. Anyone who knew Cooke in Grandview knows his name.

The print version of the story on the Ch 10 website only names the Ex as a person of interest, but the video said there were other people who are being investigated.

AUG 25: Lady of the Lake Fest

A fundraiser celebrating the life of Jennifer Cooke will be held Sunday, August 25, from noon-6 pm, on the Library Lawn.

A memorial fund has been set up to take donations for Jennifer Cooke’s daughter.

Update Aug. 27. There is now a story about the father of Jennifer Cooke’s 10 year old daughter in the news. Jason Roberts says in this story that he was cleared by the police, but “There are still members of the Grandview community who treat me as if I am the suspect.” The last line of the story is the kicker, it brings up the fact that Robert’s brother murdered his ex-wife last year. It was a big story, I found it on the Huffington Post. Gee, I wonder why people would have suspicious ideas about a person with that kind of brother.

Early candidate list

Published August 9, 2013 by justicewg

The deadline for running for office in Grandview has just passed, these are the early postings to the FCBOE.

City Council

Jagers, Koelker, Panzera,  and president Reynolds were up for re-election.  Jagers and Koelker were known to be ready to step down after many years in office, and they do not show up on the list of candidates. I’m not sure if Reynolds had intended to run, but his name is not on the BOE website.  Anthony S. Panzera intends to run for re-election. Greta M. Kearns, Stephen Papineau, and Chris Smith will be unopposed for the three open seats.

School Board

Clifford, Douglas, and Kessler are ending their terms, and Kessler is not on the list of returning candidates. Former H.S. school principal Jesse Truett is listed as a candidate, and if the posting from the BOE is accurate he will take the seat unopposed.

Jesse Truett’s announcement of his resignation from the High School in March of 2011 was a shock to the school, as was his revealing the truth about his leaving the school – as a 23-year-old teacher, he had a romantic relationship with an 18-year-old student. He voluntarily surrendered his teaching license. According to the Dispatch story, sexual conduct with a student, regardless of the student’s age, is considered sexual battery, a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison. Truett later married the student, which may have been the reason he was not charged with the crime by the Westerville police.

I never had much of a problem with the issue of his dating the student, it was an ethical lapse but I didn’t see any way the 18 year old was victimized. I see a reason for the law, the power imbalance of a student having a relationship with a teacher or administrator makes it a bad idea, but mature students can make choices on their own.

What is more troubling is the career choice that Truett has made since leaving the school, he joined the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools as a Project Manager. Given that he will be employed during the day in a position that advocates for the movement of students away from public schools into charter schools, it will be interesting to see what he will be proposing for the Grandview schools in the evenings.

Edit 8-20-13

As the headline says, this post was made early in the process of checking all the candidate petitions for correct signatures, etc. A few people fail to follow the instructions every election. This time it looks like Katie Clifford made the mistakes, and will not be on the ballot. She will have to be a write-in candidate, if she still wants to be on the board. (she can’t run as a write-in, the election laws say you get one chance. She blew it. She is off the board).

This will be an opportunity for anyone else who wants to make a try for the school board, anyone who can get a few dozen friends to pledge to fill in the write-in space has a shot at the board slot. According to the Dispatch story, you have until Monday to file for a write-in spot.

Grandview Heights getting some unwanted exposure

Published August 8, 2013 by justicewg

It’s always good to see more of Grandview’s residents in the news, but this is not the way to do it.

(From an email sent out by Superintendent Ed O’Reilly on August 8th)

Last evening between the hours of 9:10 PM and 11:00 PM, three incidents were reported to the Grandview police department involving a male adult committing a lewd act of sexual nature in the presence and visibility of people in our community. Those three alleged incidents took place in the general vicinities of Buck Park, Wyman Woods, and the Mckinley tennis courts at the corner of Urlin and Goodale. The Grandview police department is currently working to determine the level of connectivity between the three alleged incidents.

There were at least four cases of men exposing themselves in the Grandview area over the last three months, including an incident where a woman “hit him in the stomach as hard as I could.” It is not clear from the reports if this is one offender or multiple persons, and the area where the incidents have occurred has been generally in the Goodale area, Buck Park twice, but the punch happened at Lincoln Road and West 3rd Avenue.

I never know if the rumors that get passed around about this case are worth writing about (mostly not), but an arrest is supposed to be pending for the Grandview flasher (as of Aug. 13).