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Open House for the Character Framework for Community Investment (and many other buzzwords)

Published April 9, 2013 by justicewg

Something is happening at a city meeting 7 p.m. Thursday, April 11. See if you can figure out what it is  from reading this bussword filled email.

The City of Grandview Heights is undertaking a planning process that will produce a Character Framework for Community Investment. The process will produce a strategic policy guide for community investments that will make wise use of resources and do so in a way that can strengthen the aesthetic quality and identity of the community.

The city is in the process of significant infrastructure investment and this framework will provide the necessary guidance to leverage the capital dollars spent to ensure that the city gets the most for their investment.  The most immediate improvements to be undertaken include an upgrade to the city’s signalized intersections, the rehabilitation of West Goodale Boulevard between Grandview Avenue and Lincoln Avenue as well as various street improvements related to the city’s Safe Routes to Schools program. There are also pending improvements to both Pierce Park and Wyman Woods Park. This initial planning process will also set the stage for further planning related to community facilities and civic spaces.

This first phase of the planning process will be a 60 day effort led by consulting firm, ACP Visioning + Planning. The process will be centered on an April planning workshop where a variety of stakeholders and the general public  are invited to participate.

OK, got that? So hold your stake and use it to strengthen the aesthetic identity of the neighborhood. I propose we pile all the stakes into a huge bonfire and have a community howl at the moon (wait – we already do that for the Ox Roast.)

The TVN has a slightly more coherent article about the meeting (or series of meetings? can’t tell).

This sounds a lot like the Charrette meetings the city did back in 2007. Interesting, but the obvious question these sort of meetings provoke, is anything that is said by people from the community going to be used by the city? I remember a lot of proposals from that 2007 meeting, but nothing that I can recall ever went past the “would be nice to do” level. These meetings are better than nothing, but without some sort of commitment to act on the suggestions the meetings feel like a kabuki of community involvement.