Robbery on Second Avenue

Published March 20, 2013 by justicewg

A woman on  Second Avenue in Grandview reported a robbery March 10, according to a TVN report the man demanded money (and got less than $20) from her as she walked from her car. Police later charged Clinton Agbor, 20,  with robbing two women at gunpoint, in Clintonville and in Grandview. At the time of the arrest he was on bail and wearing an ankle bracelet that was supposed to track his movement. Police said he was cleared to be out of the house to go to work. He had been charged with robbing five women at gunpoint last year.

More from the police Beat

A student was charged with possession of marijuana at the High School after the principal noticed the smell of pot in a hallway. There is no great surprise in this kind of bust, but it is unusual for police to be called just because of a smell in the halls.

A point of comparison, one time at a school meeting at which the use of drugs by students was under discussion, a school guidance counselor talked about the use of drugs back in the late 70’s at the high school. She said that the smell of  marijuana would be wafting out of the boy’s restrooms on a regular basis, and implied that nothing was done about it.

Sucks to be a stoner kid these days.


One comment on “Robbery on Second Avenue

  • In the late 90’s in Grandview we were allowed to smoke across from the school. As for pot, we were smart enough to to spray on cologne afterwards.

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