The Skeletons of Grandview

Published March 2, 2013 by justicewg
Photo by Zen on Flickr

Photo by Zen on Flickr

Grandview police reported that a couple walking a dog found a body in a wooded area behind 1000 Edgehill Rd . The body, found March 2, had identification papers that connected the deceased with a mid 2012 missing person report.

A Dispatch story said the couple walking their dog found a skeleton along a fence line behind a Grandview warehouse. This area is not in the direct vicinity of the construction going on in Grandview Yard, but given all the buildings that are scheduled to be removed in the near future, it may explain the lack of inspection of the area around these buildings. The story quoted Grandview Heights police officer Ryan Starns (named 2011 officer of the year). “Starns said a lot of people walk their dogs in that area so he was surprised the body hadn’t been found sooner given the foot traffic there.”

Although this is an unusual story, it is not the first skeleton found in Grandview in recent years.

A body was found in January 2009 along the banks of the Olentangy River. Though a quirk of the mapping of the city boundaries, Grandview Heights owns a small section of the riverbank. This sliver of the city can be seen on the bike path between the two railroad bridges.

Police had trouble identifying the body at first, but later were able to connect the case with a missing person from the West African country of Ghana.

After taking a walk down Edgehill Rd. and guessing at the location of the body (sort of triangulating from the police tape surrounding the area), I thought the area was surprisingly isolated for the neighborhood it is located in.  There is a grass yard in front of the fence, but it is a chain linked area with no access.  I’m don’t quite understand how the police would expect the location of the body to be near any foot traffic. After the weeds grow up that area is so choked with growth there is no access.

From the Dispatch: Skeleton found in Grandview was missing hospital patient.

Kenneth C. Whitfield, 64, who originally was from Pittsburgh, walked away from the OSU ER last spring, then disappeared.

A missing person report has little detail about the reason for his disappearance. He was using several high blood pressure and other medications, but the reason for the visit to the emergency room was because of an eye problem. He apparently didn’t want to wait and walked out.

The question the police must now answer – was this a guy who walked out of the hospital, somehow made it several miles on foot to the back of this warehouse area in Grandview, and died of natural causes? Or was he placed back in the wooded area after foul play? I know that TV shows like “Bones” imply that cause of death can be found long after death, but I also know that cop TV shows are mostly full of crap. There are many ways a person could be killed without leaving a trace that can be found on a skeleton.


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