Correcting Google Maps, part 2

Published January 18, 2013 by justicewg

In my last installment of “doing Google’s work for them”, I noticed that Google Maps had some errors around Grandview Ave. to Virginia and Second to Mulford. I was able to get a mistake that plotted Hope Ave around a corner onto an alley corrected. I was not as successful removing the alleys that were marked as roads in this section of the town.

Somebody has been taking advantage of the lax control on the marking of neighborhoods since then. I can understand labeling the area on Terrace Drive “Grandview Terrace”, although that is not used on any other map. However, parts of the city now have labels that were obviously done just to mess with people. The pool is now called “Waterman Farm”. Just north of it is “Kramer Heights”, around the corner is “Utopia”.

There is an area just north of 1st Ave. that is now know as “Aliens”. No doubt that was done because of all the scenes in the movie “Aliens” that were filmed in this area. Or maybe there are Aliens from that movie living in the sewers.

We should “Nuke the entire town from orbit–it’s the only way to be sure”.

(later) Oh dear. Someone stuck a label on the Watermark apartment complex, Google now calls it “Grandview South”. Watermark is very much over the line, inside Columbus. Calling it Grandview anything is just plain wrong. No, the fact that the entrance is near Grandview Ave. doesn’t excuse this fraud, the street the apartment complex is located on is called Watermark Drive.

I tried to use the map correction feature to get some of these fake neighborhood labels taken away, so far no success.


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