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Correcting Google Maps

Published July 12, 2012 by justicewg

I always noticed that Google Maps had some errors in the section of Grandview in the area from Grandview Ave. to Virginia and Second to Mulford. The alleys in this area are mapped as streets, and they had Hope turning a corner and continuing down an alley to the east.

The other day I decided to try the “report a problem” link at the bottom of the map page. I assumed my report would be logged and added to a massive stack of reports, to be reviewed years in the future.

Instead, withing a couple of days the error was received and a mod deleted the wayward turn on Hope Ave. Now people using the Google map will not be losing Hope!

I didn’t seem to be as successful with getting the alleys taken off the map. The only option I had was to re-classify them as “terminal roads” so that the mapping software will not use them to plot a route.

Not a complete success, but getting the map changed on Google is not that hard. Next revision – make a bike route that takes people down the sledding hill in Wyman Woods!