Bullies on the bus

Published June 21, 2012 by justicewg

It’s bullying month here (and most other places, it seems). Today’s example is the video of the grandmother and bus monitor who was bullied on the last day of school by some junior high kids. I don’t even need to link to the video, it has been shown everywhere.

Some thoughts on the video:

If your reaction was the urge to track the kids down and open up the whup-ass can, you lose. We are the adults here.

”Junior high kids are the absolute worst. By high school, some rudimentary empathy is starting to develop. But in junior high, they’re old enough to figure out what hurts, and not old enough to know why you shouldn’t do it. “

Some people are saying the TV is at fault. I don’t watch reality TV, but they say that bullying is constant, and approved, on those shows.

Somebody set up a donation site, and the grandmother has been sent $200K $600K by sympathetic people. At this point, she may have enough money to retire, and she can feel reaffirmed in her basic faith in humanity.

There is a quote from her saying, to paraphrase “I thought if I ignored them they would stop. They didn’t stop.” The conclusion is that you can’t ignore this problem away. There is a different dynamic here, kids bullying an adult, but the advice some give that bullying can be de-escalated by ignoring it failed.

Labeling the bullying as “sociopathy” makes it seem abnormal, when that could not be further from the truth.

She was quoted saying,“It’s scary getting all this attention,” Maybe the internet and all the news programs should rally a little less and leave her alone for a while. This could have been a local story, I don’t see the advantages in making it a national story.

But it is a national story now, so maybe something good can come from it. Maybe Junior high kids should be shown the video in class, and told about the consequences those kids had to deal with (and I’m guessing they will be severe, for a long time). If kids can’t develop some empathy from watching that, at least they can learn that these days someone always has a cell phone with video.

(Later) Each of the four kids who were doing the bullying received a one year school expulsion. A little harsh, I think.


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