No step raises for teachers

Published May 23, 2012 by justicewg

The teacher’s union has voted to approve a deal that has no raises the first year and 2% the second, with higher heath care cost picked up by teachers. The article in the dispatch is not clear on the raises, it says “performance based” but I have heard there is some formula that controls the raises.

The real shocker is the part about no step raises. This has always been a part of the deal teachers have worked under at Grandview and most other school districts. The idea is that as compensation for the lower pay that teachers received compared to other professions with a similar level of education, they could count on regular raises, no matter what the economy was doing.

This issue became a point of contention with those who wanted to hold down costs, they pointed out that the step raises and generally good benefits teachers received were exceeding the average of those in the private sector.  It is true that the Great Recession has beat down private pay and benefits. I think that the teachers have done the right thing, they have to acknowledge that sometimes they can’t be shielded from the bad economic times. I also think they should go back to receiving the step raises when the economy improves.


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