Is the Kaplin landfill along Dublin Road back in play?

Published May 21, 2012 by justicewg

To understand the history of this property, read a post from the old blog, Whatever happened to Grandview Station?

The short version – back in 2006 Bear Creek developers were going to build big box stores on the property, giving the project the name “Grandview Station”. The city of Grandview (which only owns part of the land) required higher intensity, urban mixed use of the area and blocked the developer’s plan. The plan got dropped by 2008, maybe because they didn’t like the planning Grandview was pushing, maybe they found that it is a toxic waste dump that would be too expensive to clean up. It was never quite clear why it died.

There was some indication from Wagenbrenner a few months ago that they were trying to revive development with the new name “Grandview Crossing”.

News from the B.F. is that Wagenbrenner Development has landed a $3M Clean Ohio grant for Grandview Crossing project. The  Ohio Controlling Board must still approve the grants.

I’m not looking for anything to come out of this for quite a few years. Lots of things can go wrong with grants, the cleanup could be a long process. Interestingly, there was nothing said about this project by the Mayor during his meeting, when he was  projecting 5 years in the future of the city.

(Later) Wagenbrenner says the project is not expected to be completed until 2021.


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