Mayor to hold town meeting Thursday, May 17, 7 PM

Published May 14, 2012 by justicewg

The bad news on the city’s economic future has been simmering for a while.  Come and listen to Mayor Ray DeGraw give the full story this Thursday in the Grandview Center, 1515 Goodale Blvd. State budget reductions have been kicking us in the posterior for a while, and new cuts are on the way.

As with all service organizations, payrolls for employees are the majority of the cost of running a city. Cuts can be made, at the cost of decreased service. Would Grandview residents be happy with calling the cops with a non-emergency matter and be told “we will get back to you when we find time?”

Would Grandview be better to dissolve the fire and police departments, and contract with U.A. to provide those services? This is seriously under consideration by one council member (for the fire department, but the police could be cut also).

And of course paying for trash pickup (a fee for each can) is done by other cities, but has been rejected by Grandview residents in the past. Is it time to pay for the trash?


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