Reading the TW-TVN May 3, 2012

Published May 7, 2012 by justicewg

I’m still trying to figure out how to abbreviate the new Grandview combo newspaper. The Tri-Village News was TVN and ThisWeek Grandview was TWG. The ThisWeek publishers violated the corpse of the TVN and use that name in the masthead of the new paper. I don’t feel like going along with this grave robbing by calling the new combo paper TVN, and TW-TVN is too many letters.

The website for the newspaper smashup is so poor that I can’t even link to any of the news articles I want to comment on. Maybe this is just a transition period, but if the publishers think that the ThisWeek website is “good enough” we are well on the road to crappy local news coverage.

Find the dead tree version of the newspaper for these articles.

Keep the adults out of it?

A letter to the editor from M. Lombardo points out a quote from Grandview superintendent O’Reilly was not so hot. “Keep the adults out of it, it screws up the process” (said in the context of a bullying meeting) does imply that kids will be left on their own, and if the bullying doesn’t stop then the victim needs to try harder.

There are endless experts and consultants who have the secret to stop bullying. After a quick survey I think they can be summarized as so:

  1. Teach kids how to respect each other, use mentors, teach the victims to deflect and de-escalate, and ask for help with the worst offenders.
  2. Don’t turn the school into an enforcement agency for policing every slight between kids. They have to be mostly left alone for part one to work

If super O’Reilly was caught emphasizing part two and they missed him saying part one, he was unfairly quoted. However, there is a very obvious reason for administrators to push part 2, they have enough work dealing with kids who break the school rules, refereeing every fight between kids adds to the workload. I wonder how O’Reilly will respond to this letter. Criticism of the super in the newspaper is a rare item in Grandview. *

Gang of Foxes, more Heroin

The police reports leads with a odd story about a pair of foxes that attacked a newspaper carrier at the intersection of Cardigan and Roxbury. I’ve had it with these roving gangs of Fox employees making it impossible to walk outside in Marble Cliff. It’s time to round up a posse and track down these no-good “news anchors” and deliver a sound beating. Rupert is in so much hot water that we can get away with it.

Some heroin left over in a rental unit after a DEA drug bust back in March was reported to the Grandview police. So now we know that the DEA can’t do a thorough search, and the Grandview police has to hold the drugs and ask the DEA if they want their stuff. The part of the article where they are “waiting to hear if the DEA will take possession of the drugs” sounds like some cop snark to me.


*Something interesting is happening with the searches that bring visitors to this website (my site stats allow me to see the words that are used). Some are using terms that sound like they are accusing Lombardo of attacking O’Reilly. Knowing the defenders of the super and the SSG, I could see them overreacting to the letter in the paper and go into an attack on the people who are asking for their kids to be protected from bullies.

No, I’m not joking. There are people in Grandview who are so dedicated to defending the superintendent and suppressing complaints from parents that we could have a backlash against the parents of the bullied kids (see my long story about the SSG). We may have the parents of the victims of bullying being bullied by other parents. It may not be played out in the newspaper, but the word could get sent to them that they are being “whiners” and they should STFU.

Message to parents of bullied kids – please document any such complaints you receive, and send them to me.


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