Black Tar Heroin in Grandview

Published May 2, 2012 by justicewg

The following email was sent to Grandview parents through the school mailing list.

Recently, I was contacted by the Grandview Heights Chief of Police.  He shared a concern about the growing use of Black Tar Heroin by central Ohio youth.  Several deaths of young adults have occurred in local communities.  Recently a number of arrest for use/possession of Black Tar Heroin have been made in Grandview Heights.  The police department will be presenting information to all high school students on May 9 regarding the dangers of this highly addictive drug.  In addition, the police have agreed to hold an evening meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday May 29 in the high school auditorium for our community.  I have had the opportunity to view the presentation and I feel it is important information for our community.  I hope you can join us on the evening of May 29, 2012.  Please feel free to call or e-mail me with questions or concerns.

Ed O’Reilly

My experience attending the information program posted, Not My Kid.

Heroin in the news –
Northland area hub of heroin trade Nov. 2010
Heroin habit grows among Ohio’s youth April 2011
Grandview Heights Police Warn Teens Of Black-Tar Heroin May 2012
This LA Times article is the best introduction to the methods used by Black Tar dealers –A lethal business model targets Middle America

From a March 2013 TV story, a December 2012 traffic stop resulted in 20 grams of black-tar heroin being found in the vehicle, and the Grandview police acompanied the Columbus SWAT team on a bust on the south side that found more of the drug.


3 comments on “Black Tar Heroin in Grandview

  • I was eating lunch in Grandview Cafe today, and I felt like I saw a deal go down in the parking lot across the street. Nervous kid on the sidewalk was signaling a car at the intersection to pull into the lot. They had a brief exchange at the window that didn’t look like friends saying hello, and then the kid got in the back seat and they pulled away. Had all the earmarks of a buy. Kinda unnerving.

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