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The end of the Tri-Village News?

Published April 26, 2012 by justicewg

The Dispatch bought out the SNP newspaper publishers last year, and it now looks like the end is on the way for the suburban papers that were printed by the SNP (the company that owned the papers was called “American Community Newspapers II LLC” at the time of the purchase.)

The story in the Business First says the two newspapers which covered the Grandview area will be smushed together into one publication carrying the title of “ThisWeek Tri-Village News”

What will this mean for news coverage in Grandview Heights? If the level of attendance at school board meetings and city council meetings is not improved by the ThisWeek staff, it could be a big loss for the city.

Alan Froman, with ThisWeek, is a stalwart at attending both the school board and city council meetings. He is a good observer of the often boring meetings and was able to extract the important stuff for an informative story. Having a single reporter who has a long history with the organizations is important to learn the facts that might slip by a less knowledgeable person.

Mr. Froman will continue to report for the combined newspapers, according the staff listing on the ThisWeek website. That’s good news – but it also means that there will be less reporters at the meetings. However good Mr. Froman’s coverage of the news, he is only one person. The alternate angles that a second reporter brought to the coverage was important. This is a loss for Grandview.

(later) The servers have been turned off, all links to old news stories on the Tri-Village newspaper website now re-direct to the ThisWeek server. With the turn of a switch all the history of Grandview recorded in the Tri-V newspaper has been flushed down the tubes. Maybe they will complete the microfilm archive of the paper, but who has the time to read old unindexed microfilm?

I checked the Wayback Machine in the hopes that something might be saved. Nope – they set the robots.txt file to deny all archiving of the newspaper. History has been deleted.


No Giant Eagle Market District in Grandview Yard

Published April 23, 2012 by justicewg

ThisWeek is reporting that the new Giant Eagle grocery store to be built north of 3rd Avenue at the Grandview Yard development will not be a Market District store, like the one in Kingsdale. Something similar to the store on 5th Ave is being proposed, with the addition of a GetGo gas station.

Although hints about building a Market District were given for the location, it never seemed to make sense for Giant Eagle to build two of the mega-stores so close together.

This quote from the article is important. “Other potential elements for the north end of the Yard development will likely include two or three restaurants and a branch bank, although nothing is ready to be announced, Ellis said.”

The Market District stores have mini-restaurants inside the store, this might have conflicted with the other restaurants that are to be built in the north section of the Yard.