Grandview Yard will have lots of parking lots

Published December 31, 2011 by justicewg

This was the general plan of Grandview Yard as presented by NRI back in 2007, in those optimistic days before the economy crashed. This is a poor screen grab, so it’s hard to read, but they labeled the areas for the land use. The intention was to put offices and retail to the south on Goodale, retail and residential in the center, and offices to the north. Possibly some retail on 3rd, and some residential. Parking was supposed to be in a number of parking structures, variable height depending on the density of the nearby buildings.

This is the latest plan that was put up on the GY website. Arrows pointing to all the surface parking lots added by me.

You could excuse this by assuming the parking lots are transitional areas that will be converted to buildings in the future. The question is, why do they need so much parking for a narrow row of buildings? Why not leave some of those parking areas as grass covered fields, as they have done for the areas around much of the present development?

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